The Schedule of Planet Mercury Transit, Next is on 2 June 2019

The Schedule of Planet Mercury Transit, Next is on 2 June 2019

The planet Mercury, like all other planets, the moon, and the Sun, and Rahu - Ketu, make astrology transits in all of the 12 zodiac signs. Upon transit, Mercury stays in a zodiac sign normally between 14 days to about 2 months, depending on its motion, orbital status, etc.

In 2019, the dates-schedule of Mercury transits are:


From Scorpio to Sagittarius 1st of January 2019, stay for about 20 days
From Sagittarius to Capricorn 20th of January 2019 stay for about 17 days
From Capricorn to Aquarius 7th of February 2019 stay for about 18 days
From Aquarius to Pisces 25th of February 2019 stay for about 18 days
From Pisces to Aquarius 15th of March 2019 stay for about 28 days
From Aquarius to Pisces 12th of April 2019 stay for about 21 days
From Pisces to Aries 3rd of May 2019, stay for about 15 days
From Aries to Taurus 18th of May 2019 stay for about 15 days
From Taurus to Gemini 2nd of June 2019, stay for about 19 days
From Gemini to Cancer  21st of June 2019, stay for about 30 days
From Cancer to Gemini  30th of July 2019, stay for about 4 days
From Gemini to Cancer 3rd of August 2019 stay for about 23 days

From Cancer to Leo

26th of August 2019, stay for about 16 days
From Leo to Virgo  11th of September 2019, stay for about 18 days
From Virgo to Libra 29th of September 2019 stay for about 24 days
From Libra to Scorpio 23rd of October 2019, stay for about 15 days
From Scorpio to Libra 7th of November 2019, stay for about 28 day
From Libra to Scorpio 5th of December 2019 stay for about 20 days
From Scorpio to Sagittarius 25th of December 2019, till the 13th of January 2020

​           In Astrology, the closest planet to the Sun-Mercury is called the Messenger of the Gods; Mercury is related to the mind. Mercury means communication, coordination, information, humor, mental status, analytical ability, mental sharpness, expression, receptive listening skills, creativity, ideas, innovativeness, curiosity, intellect, logic, calculations, linguistic expertise, etc.

Mercury is associated with certain body parts – arms, face, mouth, tongue, speech-related, hair, lungs, the nervous system, nerves, nose, skin, chest, gall bladder, etc. Diseases or ailments associated due to malefic or inauspiciously placed weak Mercury are dizziness, mental trauma, madness, typhoid, ulcers, etc. 

Mercury rules or governs the signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is Lord of the Houses 3rd and the 6th. Mercury is friends with the Sun and Venus; Mercury is neutral with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; Mercury is enemies-opponents with the Earth’s moon.

The auspicious or favorable gemstone for Mercury is Panna, the green emerald. The Rudraksha for Mercury is the Char Mukhi – four-faced Rudraksha. The week’s day dedicated to Mercury is Wednesday, called Budhvaar in Hindi, Miercoles in Spanish, Mercury in Latin, Suiyobi in Japanese, al’arbiea in Arabic, Xingquisan in Chinese.

A Mantra for Mercury is—

                                                Om Budhaya Namah

                                                 बुधाय नम:

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