Shani Tara Asta, Starts 15 December 2018

Shani Tara Asta, Starts 15 December 2018

The Sanskrit word Shani, also Sani, means the planet Saturn. The word Tara means star, but in this context, it means a planet. The Sanskrit word Asta means set down, effect slow down, combusting, burning up or reduction. Combustion of any planet takes place when it comes closer to the Sun, in angle, by certain respective degrees. The planet or the effects-qualities of the concerned planet is said to become weaker or malefic at this stage-period. The Sun’s energy or heat overpowers the planet.

Shani Tara Asta is when Saturn comes to within 15 degrees of closeness, in angle, to the Sun, on either side. Shani Tara Asta happens about once a year. The duration of Shani Tara Asta is for about continuous 36 days. In 2018, Shani Tara Asta starts on the 15th of December and ends on the 20th of January 2019.

To name a few of the multiple qualities or words associated with Saturn are discipline, prosperity, fear, arrogance, sorrow, challenges, growth, teacher, easy success, expertise, hard work, hardship, time, wisdom, strictness, poverty, bad luck, punishment, scolding, auspiciousness, inauspiciousness, wealth, land, procrastination, Hindu God of Justice, Lord of Karma, Greek-Roman God of Agriculture etc. Sade Sati, 7½ years Dasha, and Dhaeya, 2½, are some prominent impacting astrological aspects related to Saturn in any native’s life. Saturn stays in a zodiac sign for about 2½ years.

In Astrology, Saturn is enemy-opponent with the Sun, the Earth’s moon, Mars and Ketu. Saturn is neutral with Jupiter. Saturn is friends with Mercury, Venus, and Rahu. 

The color associated with Saturn is blue. The gemstone is the blue sapphire. Saturn rules signs Capricorn and Aquarius, and the 10th and 11th Houses. Saturdays are dedicated to Saturn. Saturday is called Shanivaar in Hindi, Zatertag in Dutch, Savvato in Greek, Sabado in Spanish, Samstag in German, Saturni in Latin, Yawm alsabt in Arabic, Doyobi in Japanese etc. 

Deities of Saturn are Lord Shani in Hinduism, Saturnus for Romans, God Cronus related to Saturn in Greek following etc. There are thousands of big or small Shani Temples in India and Nepal. There is a Temple of Saturn in Rome, Italy too.

A Mantra for Lord Shani, Saturn is--
                        Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah
                        ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः

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