Significance of first day of Navratri (Maa Shailaputri)

Significance of first day of Navratri (Maa Shailaputri)

The 9 days of Navratri are dedicated to the praise nine forms of the Goddess –

  1. Shailaputri
  2. Brahmacharini
  3. Chandraghanta
  4. Kushmanda
  5. Skandamata
  6. Katyayani
  7. Kaalaratri
  8. Mahagauri
  9. Durga.

What is the importance of the first Day of Navratri:-

On the First Day of Navratri, It is meant to be aesthetically a blessing when we wear Royal Blue clothes. The first day of Navratri is also called Pratipada, Goddess Shailputri is being worshipped on the first day who is also the first expression of Devi Durga

 The word ‘Shail’ signifies Mountain and Shailaputri is an avatar of Goddess Durga, who took birth in the house of the emperor of Mountains ‘Shailputri’ means the Daughter of Mountain, Goddess Shailputri rides on a bull (Nandi) holding a Trident in her right hand and a Lotus in her left hand. On this day we should offer cow ghee or milk products to Goddess Shailputri.

What is the Vidhi (Material) needed for Maa Shailputri Pooja:-

 Navratri pooja is known to be the most popular pooja’s done by Hindu household. Navratri Pooja is dedicated worshiping Maa Durga and is said to grant great qualities and prosperity to the observers.

Picture or idol of Maa Durga,

A clay pot with fertile soil for sowing seeds, barley seeds.




A piece of red cloth

Bunch of mango leaves



Altar for the idol or picture

Red cloth to spread on the altar

Sacred thread

Raw rice



incense sticks

Clay lamp with ghee and wicks

Dishes to offer



Puja plate

Roli for tilak


Kutu flour


Wheat flour






What rules you should follow for Navratri puja:-

Since the Navratri puja extends over nine days, it is suggested to you that on all the nine days of the Navratri puja, follow the same time schedule and maintain the puja once in the morning and also once in the evening. Navratri puja is a great instance to attach with the most compassionate Maa Durga, the personification of all powers, understanding, compassion, and glory. Therefore take the puja very sincerely and demonstrate full devotion, concentration, and love. Keep the pooja place very clean and peaceful. Keep your mind and body with pure intention while observing the occasion.

Mantra for Maa Shailputri Pooja:-

                     वंदे वाद्द्रिछतलाभाय चंद्रार्धकृतशेखराम |
                       वृषारूढां शूलधरां शैलपुत्री यशस्विनीम्‌ ||

Vandē vāddrichatalābhāya candrārdhakr̥tasekharama |
Vrsaruḍham suladharam sailputri yasasvinim‌ ||

What all you need to prepare for Navratri Puja

Set up the entire altar (veede), spread the red cloth on it, and place the idol of Maa Durga. Keep the plates ready by placing all the pooja samagri (materials) in it. Near the altar (veede), place the clay pot with soil and spray water. Sow the barley seeds in it. The Ghat sthapana must be done during the correct Muhurat suggesting from the Panchaang.

Ghat Sthapana- Fill the Kalash with Gangal jal or clean drinking water. On the mouth of the Ghat, place the bunch of mango leaves. Wrap the coconut the red cloth and tie moil around it. Place it on the lid of the Kalash

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