Significance of the Sun Transit, 15 May 2019

Significance of the Sun Transit, 15 May 2019

The Sun like all ‘planets’ makes astrological transits from one zodiac sign to another through the year. The Sun stays in a sign for about a month. Therefore, the Sun goes through all of the 12 signs in about a year. The Sun will make a transit on the 15th of May 2019. The Sun will transit from the sign Aries to Taurus. The Sun will stay in Taurus till the 15th of June 2019; therefore the stay of the Sun in Taurus for a month.

Our solar system’s star, the Sun is called the King of the ‘planets’. The Sun is the main source of energy and life on Earth. The Sun is the most significant and key celestial body. Most horoscopes that come in many newspapers, magazines, websites etc, especially Western, are based on the Sun sign. Here, they regard the Sun as a key aspect in horoscope birth chart at the time of the birth of any native.

In Astrology, the Sun means the self, main personality or the core of a person. The Sun rules only one sign, the Leo. The Sun is Lord of House 5th. The Sun is friends with the Earth’s moon, Mars and Jupiter; the Sun is neutral with Mercury; the Sun is opponents or enemies with Venus and Saturn. The Sun is exalted in Aries. The Sun is debilitated in Libra.

The gemstone for the Sun is Ruby or Manikya. Ruby or any gemstone should ideally be worn only after consultation with a Priest or an Astrologer. Ruby is normally worn by a native having weak, inauspicious or unfavorable Sun in his-her horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli.

In Astrology, words associated with the Sun in view of any native are strong willpower, ego, authoritative, leadership qualities, identity, power, aggressive, assertive, dominating, hot natured, fearless nature, ambition, high success, creativity, position, etc.

This Sun transit may have a positive, neutral or negative effect on each native. To give some basic positive inferences towards this transit of the Sun, 15 May to 14 June, is—

For Aries – It can prove to be a beneficial time to make important financial decisions-moves.

For Taurus - The native may become more aggressive; in control, it may be favorable at work.

For Gemini – The natives can expect a benefiting, entertaining, refreshing and fruitful travel.

Form Cancer – The natives can leverage this opportune time to move and progress in life.

For Leo – Calculated decisions can lead to great rewards-fruits, rise in status, achievement.

For Virgo – These natives can get plenty of auspicious news, especially from faraway places.

For Libra – For these natives, it is a normal and average period, but caution is required.

For Scorpio – With control over aggressiveness, the time is highly auspicious professionally.

For Sagittarius – The natives can expect greater enhancement professionally and personally. 

For Capricorn – With a better focus, a lot can be achieved. Concentration will enable benefit.

For Aquarius – The natives can expect a happy, peaceful and supportive time from home-family.

For Pisces – The natives will likely have better performance. Expect improvement in relations.


A Mantra for the Sun Lord, Surya Dev is—

                        Om Suryaya Namah

                         सूयार्य नमः

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