Solar Eclipse – 2 July 2019; the Meaning of Solar Eclipse in Astrology

Solar Eclipse – 2 July 2019; the Meaning of Solar Eclipse in Astrology

What is a Solar Eclipse?

The phenomenon of Solar Eclipse happens when the moon comes in-between the Earth and the Sun on their plane, in other words, the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. There are different kinds of Solar Eclipses. In a Solar Eclipse, partial or complete rays of the Sun falling on some parts of the Earth’s surface are blocked by the moon for the given time of the occurrence of Solar Eclipse.

Normally, there are 2 to 4 Solar Eclipses in a year. Solar Eclipse is classified into 4 types – Total Solar Eclipse, Annular Solar Eclipse, Hybrid Solar Eclipse, and Partial Solar Eclipse. In a complete Solar Eclipse, the Sun as seen from certain parts of the Earth during the Solar Eclipse in the path of the Solar Eclipse is not seen at all; and these path areas on Earth become dark like night as the Sun is covered by the moon completely.

Where does Solar Eclipse happen in Earth?

The place, specific area or the path surface region of Earth that experiences any Solar Eclipse depends on aspects like the path of the moon, day time, ecliptic plane etc. Therefore, each area of Solar Eclipse happening on Earth can vary in every Solar Eclipse.

Which part of Earth will experience Total Solar Eclipse and Partial Solar Eclipse on the 2nd of July 2019?

The path of the Solar Eclipse to occur on Earth will be the South Pacific Ocean, the southern tip of North America, and parts of South America. People in the southern part of North America from the countries Costa Rica and Panama will witness the Solar Eclipse. In South America, people in most countries of South America, such as Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, parts of Venezuela, etc. Total Solar Eclipse will be witnessed from some parts of Chile and Argentina. Other parts of the countries in South America, as mentioned above, will witness partial Solar Eclipse.

What are the timings of the Solar Eclipse of the 2nd of July 2019?

The Solar Eclipse of this 2nd of July will happen in the evening, before the sunset. The peak Solar Eclipse rough timing will be around 7 pm their local time in their respective part of the region-country.

What is the connection between the Solar Eclipse and Astrology?

Solar Eclipse has had significance in Astrology from the ancient times, since thousands of years ago. Both, the Sun and the Earth’s moon are regarded as the most significant among all the celestial bodies and the astrological aspects of Rahu-Ketu in Astrology. In fact, the 12 zodiac signs are basis the Sun (Western Astrology) and the Sun + Moon in Indian Astrology. The Solar Eclipse is generally considered inauspicious as the Sun is the main source of energy and the main reason for life on Earth. Sometimes, natives are advised by Priests and-or Astrologers to avoid starting any auspicious work or event at the time duration of the Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse itself should not be viewed with naked eyes. It can damage the eye retina. 

A Mantra for the Sun is –

                        Om Suryaya Namah

                         सूयार्य नमः             

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