Solar Eclipse: Its Effects and Remedies

Solar Eclipse: Its Effects and Remedies

The final Solar Eclipse of 2019 will be on December 26th, Thursday from 8:17 AM until 10:57 AM. Solar Eclipse is a celestial incident which occurs when Moon comes/ transits in between Sun and our planet Earth blocking most if not all of Sun’s rays from reaching the earth. 


The Sutak period for the upcoming eclipse is falling on one day before, i.e. on 25 December from 8 PM until the end of solar eclipse at 10:57 AM on next day.  Anyone who isn’t sick, aged or child must try to devote their time worshipping Gods, especially Sun and Jupiter, and refrain from sleeping or eating. 


Since the phenomenon is taking place in Dhanu or Sagittarius zodiac, it is supposedly worse for people in Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Nepal.  Apart from that, people working in the armed forces, ministers and horses need to be careful. 


General Remedies for Solar Eclipse (Dos and Don’ts)


Usually the effects of this period last for around 6 months.  Here is a list of some suitable remedies that help provide relief and ward off negative energies from an individual:


• Since the rays of both Sun and Moon are harmful during the eclipse, both the Hindu scriptures and the scientists, advise abstain from  looking at them directly with naked eyes and not exposing yourself to their rays/light. 

• Do not eat or drink anything during the eclipse time as the cooked food gets spoiled very quickly during the eclipse. If you have cooked food, put a Tulasi (Basil) leaf in that vessel and it will not be spoiled.  

• Married couples should avoid intercourse at all costs during this time

• Reciting and chanting any Stotra or any Mantra chanting or Pooja done during the eclipse time, will bring more blessings than praying on normal days. 

• Making donations is proved to be very beneficial 

• One should only drink and eat after taking a shower when the eclipse has ended


Since the eclipse also has some drastic changes, it is essential to perform some remedies in advance and be aware of the dos and don’ts. Besides that, on this day there will be a planetary conjunction of 6 planets namely Saturn, Ketu, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury,  the negative effects will be noticed considerably more. Pregnant ladies should take utmost care during this period. They should take special essential precautions to protect the unborn child from the malefic effects of this eclipse. It is advised not to get involved in activities including sewing, embroidery, cutting, etc. Another mandatory precaution that is to be kept in mind is not to leave your home or take a nap during solar eclipse as this may result in under-development of loss of an organ of the unborn child.


Effects on various zodiac signs:


Aries: For Aries natives, this period may bring some amount of defamation and they might find themselves in disrespectful and insulting situations. There will be financial problems and will increase and unnecessary disputes should be avoided. 


Taurus: This period might be the worst for Taurus natives. There may be physical health deterioration and strong chances of accident are seen for them. Take care of your eating habits. 


Gemini: For Gemini people, they could face struggles in their married life and business partnerships. Avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings may arise in joint partnerships. They will have to put in extra efforts to gain positive results. 


Cancer: This period will proved to extra fruitful for Cancer people as this eclipse will bring happiness and blessings in their lives. They will enjoy good health and win over your enemies with minimum efforts in the professional front. 


Leo: For Leo natives, this phenomenon may lead to severe anxiety and a negative outlook towards life. Take care of your reputation at work and they are advised to think twice before taking any decision. Unnecessary monetary expenditure is to be avoided. 


Virgo: Virgo natives might have to family discord which will eventually lead to melancholy and depression.  Discord and disputes in the family will cause extreme anxiety, worries and anguish to your mind. There could be loss of wealth possibility of road accident 


Libra: This period will especially positive for Libra people. Possibility of financial gains and realization of desires is indicated. Short term journeys will be very fruitful and your relationships with superiors and family members will get better.  


Scorpio: This period is mostly negative for effect Scorpio natives. Do not engage in arguments and disputes since they might affect your relations with family and business partners. Try to stay calm as your mental restlessness will be affected. 


Sagittarius: These people may suffer from physical or mental ailments due to their own ignorance.  There will be decrease in happiness from children and marital partner. There could be rise in the number of enemies and friends may not prove to be of help. 


Capricorn: The results for Capricorn natives will be mostly inauspicious. The eclipse may bring various inauspicious results in your life. The effect of the eclipse will cause despair and anxiety. There might be health troubles related to eyes or legs. Chances of fights with relatives and friends are seen.  


Aquarius: Talking about Aquarius people, the eclipse will bring desired circumstances and gains in life. Support from friends and family members will be readily available and an increase in your income is very much possible. 


Pisces: This period will prove to be a boon for Pisces natives. The period will bring you swift auspicious results and you will come in contact with influential people in society. At your professional front, there are chances of promotion. 

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