Sun Transit, from Scorpio to Sagittarius, 16 December 2018

Sun Transit, from Scorpio to Sagittarius, 16 December 2018

The Sun makes 12 transits in a year from one sign to another. The Sun will transit from the sign Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 16th of December 2018. It will have different effects on the 12 different signs. The effects can be positive, neutral or negative, for each of the sign. 

The Sun stays in a sign for about a month. The Sun will stay in the Sagittarius sign from the 16th of December 2018 till the 14th of January 2019; after which the Sun will move on to Capricorn. 

This Sun transit relates to Dhanu Sankranti. Dhanu means the Sagittarius sign. Sankranti means transit. Dhanu Sankranti is one of the prominent Sankrantis of the 12 Sankrantis in the year. This has been followed from the ancient times. It has mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit texts and scriptures. 

On the transit, as part of worship to the Sun God, Lord Surya, many devotees wake up early in the morning and pour water facing towards the Sun. They perform Lord Surya prayers. They seek the blessings, auspiciousness, and kindness of the Sun God, Lord Surya. Sun Lord in Greek’s following is the God Helios, also sometimes referred to as Apollo or Titan. 

The Sun transits are significant as the Sun is the most powerful of all, with immense energy. The Sun is the main source of energy on Earth, without which there would be no life on the planet Earth. Earth is at the exact right distance from the Sun to sustain life on Earth. In Astrology, the Sun signifies the basic personality of a human. Sundays are dedicated to the Sun. Sunday is called Ravivaar in Hindi, Sonntag in German, Solis in Latin etc.

Below is a basic brief connotation of this Sun transit in each of the signs:

Aries- Friendly Sun can get a good opportunity. It may prove to be a favorable time to progress professionally
Taurus- Take care of your health, expenses etc. Invest with caution. Remain diligent and you will be fine, set 
Gemini- All aspects seem normal. Spending quality time with family and friends will be good. Enhance work
Cancer- May have to work a bit harder to reach targets. Give importance to family and financial matters also
Leo- The Sun rules only your sign. Expect relief if you are going through any problems. Keep aspects balanced
Virgo- There will be normalcy if there is any disturbance. Solution ways will be seen. Focus further for result 
Libra- If it comes, avoid any anger or short-temperedness. Travel related to work or personal can happen  
Scorpio- Being more responsible towards the family, income matters etc will be rewarding. Time to benefit
Sagittarius- It may be the most favorable time of the year. You can leverage this professionally and personally     
Capricorn- This month may need your attention in matters related to expenses, health etc, then better for you
Aquarius- Professionally, work-wise, conditions can be very smooth. Balancing relationships may need calm
Pisces- Professional smart work can return great rewards-fruits…improved stability. Take seasonal health care 

A Mantra for Lord Surya Dev is—

                        Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Namah
                                    ॐ हराम हरिम ह्रौं सह सूर्याय नमः

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