How Your Life will be Blessed with the 10 MahaVidya Goddesses

How Your Life will be Blessed with the 10 MahaVidya Goddesses

In the unparalleled texts of the Indian culture and in the scriptures and mythologies, there is the worship of power-energy and the practice of 10 MahaVidya. In these 10 great knowledge-wisdoms, there is a special importance.

(Maha – great, Vidya – wisdom, knowledge)

There are different types of Shakti-power-energy, like Maa Durga, Maa Kaali, Maa Tara, Maa Baglamukhi. In reality, all the Devis are one. If in fierce anger then Kaali, Tara and for excessive anger then Dhoomavati form. In this way, like this, there are different forms for mercy-pity, like at the time of love and nutrition, they are called Bhubaneswari, Maatangi and MahaLakshmi. Like this, practice-Sadhana of Shakti-energy worship of the 10 MahaVidya happens. All these 10 MahaVidya give the fruit-reward of knowledge, energy-power devotion, and is known to get the desirous reward-fruit.

Kaali, Tara, Tripursundari, Bhuvaneshvari, Tripur Bhairavi, Dhoomavati, Chinmaasta, Baglamukhi, Maatangi, Kamla

In the 10 MahaVidya also, there are 2 parts, Kaali Kul and Shree Kul. There are 4 Kaali Kul Sadhana-practices, and 6 Shree Kul Sadhna-practices. Anybody can do-perform the Sadhna-practice of MahaVidya. Before starting the Sadhna-practice of these, you must do the 5 cleanses; place cleansing, body purification, material cleansing, God cleansing, and Mantra cleansing. But in these, Guru Kripa, Guru-God’s blessings-auspiciousness, is very important. Sadhguru through own medium of orders and instructions, gives the students of proper Sadhna-practice. When the seeker gives himself-herself to the feet-steps of the Shree Guru, gets power tool and goes in the flow of the Yajna-Pujan, prayers, then nothing remains impossible.


1. Kaali

Kali Mata

Maa Bhagvati Kaali is otherwise in a beautiful form, but to destroy the enemies, Maa Bhagvati Durga has a black and fierce-frightful form. With the Sadhna-practice worship of Maa, disease is destroyed, and gets rid of the evil spirits, to get relief of evil planets, to prevent from fear of premature death, the worship of, prayer to Maa Bhagvati and Yajya brings all-round progress-development. 


2. Tara

Tara Mata

Maa Bhagvati Tara is also called Tarani. In a cloudless night time sky, like lights scattered-spread dots form, twinkling lights, lots of stars are seen; and what more good can one want other than to get blessed by Devi Tara. With worship to Bhagvati one gets speech accomplishment immediately, along with it, those desirous to have intensive intellect creativity, becoming Doctor, Engineer are also accomplished. The deep tribute worship prayers to Bhagvati, after performing the Yajya, the life of a human is filled with bliss-happiness.


3. Tripur Sundari

Tripur Sundari Mata

Maa Bhagvati Tripur Sundari always remains active-ready to fulfill the wishes of the devotees, there is no such work in the world that Maa cannot fulfill-do. Just what is required is to have true reverence-admiration and belief in performing worship to Maa. The work in which there is any problem, then worship to Devi Tripur Sundari can be done. This pleasure (sex and other) and Moksha-liberation, provides salvation-help in both. There Is no such Sadhna-worship in the world, that provides both pleasure and Moksha-liberation together.


4. Bhuvaneshwari

Bhuvneshwari Mata

Maa Bhuvaneshwari provides-delivers happiness and resources to her devotees, and Maa is the Goddess of wealth, luxury and prosperity in the world. Worship to Maa is the one to grow-increase various types of happiness. The special-important matter about Devi Bhuvaneshwari is this that she gets happy-pleased in a very less time. That is why, the worship to Maa should be done with mind concentration.


5. Chinnamasta

Chinnamasta Mata

Maa Chinnamasta or Chinnamastika or Prichand-great Chandika is one of the 10 Maha-great Devis. Maa-mother Bhagvati Chinnamastika Devi is the one who immediately destroys the enemies. Energy in speech-voice, success in employment, growth in job and promotion in position, and gets victory in any ongoing legal cases in the court.


6. Tripur Bhairavi

Tripur Bhairvi Mata

Maa Tripur Bhairavi is known not only to remove upper-general obstacles, but is also known for success in Tantrik uses. For getting smart husband or beautiful wife,  for love marriage, early-timely marriage, for success in love, Bhagvati Tripur Bhairavi Devi should be worshiped. Worship to Maa becomes effective immediately.  When there is no solution for any Tantrik problem, then Bhagvati resolves the problem immediately.


7. Dhoomavati

Dhumawati Mata

Maa Bhagvati Dhoomavati is a form of Parvati. She is known to remove problems of fear and relief-liberation from every kind of tenderness-lacking, for Tantra-Mantra, magic-witchcraft, Buri Nazar evil eye, and ghosts-spirit etc. Worship to Bhagvati destroys all diseases, provides relief and brings fearlessness, the worship enables destruction of obstacles-troubles, and provides happiness in life…she is that Devi. She is also called Alakshmi.


8. Baglamukhi

BaglaMukhi Mata

Maa Bhagvati Baglamukhi is also called Maa Pitambara. Maa who perfects the speech-voice Shakti-power-energy, who relieves her worshippers-seekers by destroying the enemies. She gets victory in court-legal, and also gets success in various kinds of competitions examinations. With Bhagvati’s grace-blessings, is also known to fulfilling Governmental works. That is why, worshiping Bhagvati on removing all kinds of problems, also brings success to the seeker.           


9. Maatangi

Matangi Mata

Deity Lord Shiva’s name is also Maatanga. That is why his Shakti-power is called Mataangi. Bhagvati’s appearance is dark, and the moon also appears on the head. Maatangi Devi is the one who removes all household-family troubles, who are not able to get married, for getting child-childbirth, getting son, or to remove any kind of household troubles, worshipping of Devi Maatangi is the best. With her grace-blessings, one starts getting the female support luck spontaneously.


10. Kamala

Kamla Mata

Maa Bhagvati Kamala is a Devi who gives-provides beauty. In this world, all the beautiful females, attractive-beautiful items, floral etc, all these are only her beauty giving. In the getting of boon blessings-grace of Gayatri, one is Lakshmi, wealth. The worship of the Devi sitting on the lotus should be done for all kind of wealth-health gains, unbroken wealth-fund flow, finishing of loan-debt and for blessings of MahaLakshmi Ji. Maa Bhagvati is also worshipped on Deepavali.


Note: In the Indian culture-heritage, the feeling-aura of “Sarv Bhavantu Sukheen and Vaasudev Kutumbhkam” can be witnessed all over. Due to and with these basic Mantras and objectives, famous Indian Scholar and Astrologer revered Gurudev GD Vashist Ji, using Astrology’s new dimensions is reaching out to the people, and also providing the spread through the 10 MahaVidya worship and Yajya; therefore, in many cities in India, Bhavati’s MahaYajyas are held.  

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