The Basics about Planet Mercury and Mercury Transit, 3 May 2019

The Basics about Planet Mercury and Mercury Transit, 3 May 2019

All planets make a transit from one sign to another in specific schedules over time. The planet Mercury makes several transits in a year in the zodiac signs. One transit of Mercury is on the 3rd of May 2019, Friday. Mercury will transit from Pisces to Aries. Mercury will stay in the Aries sign till the 18th of May; therefore Mercury will stay in the Aries sign for about 15 days.

The planet Mercury is the closed planet to the Sun, in our solar system. Other than Pluto, Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. In diameter, about 3 Mercurys will equal the diameter of our Earth. Mercury being closest to the Sun has the shortest distance, orbit, around the Sun. The Mercury is also the quickest traveling planet around the Sun. Mercury takes just about 88 Earth days to complete one travel around the Sun.

In Astrology, planet transits are of high importance. Planet transits are used in the horoscope, for predictions, to see for any changes in life, to determine favorability or disadvantageousness, interpretation etc for all natives. Each planet transit can have a specific meaning and significance towards any native, a zodiac sign, etc especially for certain period, intervals, part of life, or life as a whole. Depending on the implication of a planetary transit, a native can take advantage of it if auspicious or be careful-preventive if inauspicious in the period. Planet transit is a part of the whole birth chart, Janam Kundli interpretation-analysis and reading from time-to-time.

The dates of about 19 Mercury transits in 2019 are the 1st of January, 20th January, 7th February, 25th February, 15th March, 12th April, 3rd May, 18th May, 2nd June, 21st June, 30th July, 3rd August, 26th August, 11th September, 29th September, 23rd October, 7th November, 5th of December, and the 25th of December.

Wednesdays are dedicated to Mercury. Wednesday is called Budhvaar in Hindi, Miercoles in Spanish, Mercurii in Latin, Suiyobi in Japanese, al arbiea in Arabic etc.

In astrology, Mercury is called the Messenger and Communications planet. Mercury stands for wisdom, knowledge etc. The gemstone for Mercury is the green emerald, Panna. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury rules Houses the 2nd and the 6th. Mercury is friends with the Sun and Venus, Mercury is opponents-enemies with the Earth’s moon, Mercury is neutral with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces.


Basic meaning of Mercury’s presence in the 12 different birth chart Houses is—

Mercury in 1st House, Aries, House Lord Mars: The native will gain knowledge, be quick; will likely be well spoken.

Mercury in 2nd House, Taurus, House Lord Venus: The native will be sharp through intelligence. Good finances.

Mercury in 3rd House, Gemini, House Lord Mercury: The native’s relations with siblings, socializing will be good.

Mercury in 4th House, Cancer, House Lord Moon: The native will lead in knowledge at home; more family-oriented.

Mercury in 5th House, Leo, House Lord Sun: The native will gain a lot of knowledge; will have a good family life.

Mercury in 6th House, Virgo, House Lord Mercury: The native will be assertive, but may get aggressive, arrogant.

Mercury in 7th House, Libra, House Lord Venus: The native will have a good spouse, partners; will be educated, logical.

Mercury in 8th House, Scorpio, House Lord Mars: The native will be authoritative professionally and personally.

Mercury in 9th House, Sagittarius, House Lord Jupiter: The native will be comfortable in life financially and balanced.

Mercury in 10th House, Capricorn, House Lord Saturn: The native will accomplish his-her work ventures, will succeed.

Mercury in 11th House, Aquarius, House Lord Saturn: The native will have comforts and luxuries; easy going. Charming.

Mercury in 12th House, Pisces, House Lord Jupiter: The native will reason between logic, intuition, spirituality. Limited.


A Mantra for Mercury, Lord Budh is -

                        Om Budhaaya Namah

                         बुधाय नम:

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