The Ultimate Revelation Of Friendship Day And Astrology

The Ultimate Revelation Of Friendship Day And Astrology

Who are called friends?

Two or more people are called friends when they share some mutual affectionate relationship like bonding, common values, attachment, or have a positive feeling of togetherness, possess common characteristics or personality traits, etc amongst themselves. Normally, there is no age limit, gender-bias, socio-economic status, caste, etc involved in good friendship. Good friends always stand for each other especially in the difficult times and support and guide each other in life. As the saying goes:” A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Some examples of friends are school friends, college friends, playgroup friends, neighborhood friends, office colleagues or work friends, spiritual or religious friends, common interest friends such as sports; pen-friends, online internet friends, Group friends, family friends, casual friends and so forth. Many distantly placed friends like in different cities or countries remain connected through phone, video chat, etc. There are social site chatting friends platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Yahoo Chat, MSN Messenger, ICQ, WeChat, Google Talk, Google Duo, SnapChat, Telegram, etc.

What is Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is marked to cherish the value of friends and friendship. Friendship Day is a day to rejoice, rejuvenate, refresh, indulge in the spread of happiness through friendship, etc. Friendship day is the revered day of the year when friends remember and-or meet each other, value their friendship, etc.  

Friendship Day aka Friends Day is a global event that is observed in many parts of the world, however, the date of Friendship day varies region-wise. Friendship day is not a gazetted holiday in India, but many take time out in the evening to celebrate if the Friendship Day is falling on a working day. Some schools, colleges, institutions, and offices observe a basic commemoration.

When is Friendship Day observed?

Though the United Nations once declared the 27th of April 2011 as the World Friendship Day, the Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in different parts of the world or country-wise. However, Friendship Day that is observed in August is one of the most widely marked days for the observance of Friendship Day.

In India, Friendship Day is observed on the 1st Sunday that falls in the month of August. Therefore, the date of Friendship Day can vary every year.

Why is Friendship day celebrated?

Friendship Day is the perfect day of the year that is celebrated to commemorate and honor the auspicious revered friendly relationship between friends. Friendship Day is a day to express the feeling and value of togetherness, bonding, etc.

How to celebrate Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is a day when friends greet each other. Many visit each other, have get-togethers, some have parties or have meals at home or outside, or watch a movie, go shopping, etc. Many friends send each other Friendship Day greeting messages through phones or cards. Friendship Day is that day in the year when friends should remember each other, possibly spend some time with each other, etc. A party, meal or a trip can be organized. Friendship Day can be a reason for friends to spend some good moments together. Friends can remember their times together of the past.

How are Friends and Astrology connected?

Astrology is leveraged in any relationship. Astrology can determine the compatibility, relationship, etc among friends. As a simple example, certain zodiac sign individuals may get along more with certain same or other zodiac sign persons, in friendship. Astrology can help uplift friendship. Any two or more friends having some momentary conflicts or differences for any reason in their friendship can consult an Astrologer or Priest to guide them to improve matters and the relationship itself.

Below is a brief synopsis of zodiac sign compatibility for friends in general:

Aries persons may get along more with Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius

Taurus persons may get along more with Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn

Gemini persons get along more with Air signs Libra and Aquarius

Cancer persons may get along more with Water signs Scorpio and Pisces

In Astrology, the 11th House of the 12 Birth Chart Houses, is generally seen and interpreted for the friends’ related aspects. The 11th House is called the House of Friendship. The benefic and auspicious 11th House is studied for aspects like the happiness that comes from friends, how to develop good relations with friends etc.

However, as each native has his-her unique date-time-place of birth so his-her horoscope birth chart is specific. Multiple astrological factors have to be determined to get more accurate interpretation and results.

A Mantra for good friendship is—

(Please note: Mantras should be recited as guided by Priests or Astrologers)

                                    Om Mitraaye Namah

                                    ॐ मित्राय नमः

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