What to do on Valentine Day? 14 February

What to do on Valentine Day? 14 February

Valentine’s Day is a once in a year event. Valentine’s Day is observed every year on the fixed Gregorian date, the 14th of February. In the 21st century, in modern times, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries. The type, form, and level of Valentine’s Day celebration depend, whether formally or informally, personally or openly, on the society, culture etc.

Though originally an old Christian cultural event in remembrance to martyred Priest St. Valentine in Rome, and observed as a special spiritual feast, in the modern-day it is celebrated for love, romance, care, proposal, an expression of relationship commitment etc between people, couples, friends etc, but especially between a male and a female. St. Valentine’s existence dates back to around 250 AD, the 3rd century.

The typical modern-day schedule of Valentine’s Day is—

            7th February – Rose Day

            8th February – Propose Day

            9th of February - Chocolate Day

            10th of February – Teddy Day

            11th of February – Promise day

            12th of February – Hug Day

            13th of February – Kiss Day

            14th of February – Valentine’s Day

In India, Valentine’s Day is more popular in bigger metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Pondicherry etc. Valentine’s Day is observed more with fervor among the younger generations. Valentine’s Day maybe found to be more popular in natives in age groups late teens, 20ies, 30ies, but other class-groups like some married couples or partners, or older people take the opportunity to express their affection, expression of their continuance of care etc to one another.

Many mark the occasion with parties, get-togethers, music, dance etc. Special snacks, meals are prepared. Cakes, chocolates, flowers, roses etc are very common on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Many choose to wear red clothes, the red color signifying for love, care, affection etc. Some couples chose to go out for special meals, for movies, shopping etc. Many Malls and commercial places are decorated with bright colors, balloons, heart-shaped decorative items etc.

Many modern-day e-commerce sites come out with Valentine’s Day special limited time offers and discounts. Many natives leverage this opportunity.

In Hinduism, often Lord Kamadeva is regarded as the God of Love. The Sanskrit word Kamadeva means God of Love. Lord Kamadeva is often associated with the writings of Kamasutra. However, some other deities are also associated with love, such as Goddess Parvati, Goddess Rati, Lord Krishna etc.

In Astrology, the 5th House is often associated with love. Planet Venus signifies love, attraction, beauty, relations, relationships, marriage etc.


A Mantra for Lord Shukra, Venus is -

                        Om Shukraye Namah

                         शुक्राय नमः

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