What are the reasons & remedies of negative energy in the house?

What are the reasons & remedies of negative energy in the house?

For any human whether a child, an adult, the old etc, the house is the root place in the world for where the ultimate backbone of true growth, peace of mind, harmony, happiness etc exist. If the house atmosphere and ambiance are conducive and favorable, chances are that the child will grow well naturally, will do well in studies, games, relationship interaction, and will excel in life normally. With positive energy in the house, all the house members live cordially, progressively and affectionately. Therefore, it is most important to keep positive energy in the house.

There are many reasons for negative energies in the house, such as the design, house direction, lighting, kitchen position etc of the house play a role. The negative house atmosphere can create pessimism, fear, negative feelings, dislike for each other among the house members etc. Sometimes the house itself is the cause of tension, bad omens, accidents, evil events etc in life. Financial reasons such as lack of money, unwanted wasteful spending, joblessness, business trouble etc lead to negative energy in the house. Death in the house can also be a reason for negative energy in the house, in some cases.

From ancient times, thousands of years ago, studies like Astrology and Vaastu had detailed scriptures in keeping with the auspiciousness of the house and in relation to its surroundings. Mahurat, the auspicious date and time to buy, build etc create positive energy and a good aura. Greh Parvesh, housewarming, or entering in a new house etc can also have a significance.

Vaastu takes care of the right direction of the house; its factors in aspects like the natural sunlight, entrance door, windows of fresh air, cool temperature, color combinations, house master plan, architecture etc have a meaning to complement positive energies.


Some of the remedies and ways to keep positive energy in the house are:

  • Keep certain Vaastu friendly indoor plants, like the Tulsi plant
  • Keep the house well ventilated
  • Light incense sticks fragrance, doop bati; burn ghee lamps
  • Keep fresh flowers or petals in the holy spot or prayer area
  • Perform meditation, Yoga, prayers etc. Keep mental and physical fitness
  • Havans can be performed over time on religious, spiritual or family occasions. Invite Priests or positive guests
  • Open doors, windows especially early in the morning for fresh air
  • If possible, feasible and advised, keep a pet like a dog
  • Have positive paintings or images in the house
  • Keep the house as clean as possible
  • Keep idol of Ganesha, turtle, Budha etc
  • The house wall colors should be soothing, not hurting to the eye
  • The bed, dining-eating table, furniture etc should be in the right direction and placed properly
  • Avoid keeping trash, unwanted, unnecessary unused items etc in the house
  • Try to keep less noise inflow in the house. Silence at times is bliss
  • Keep the volume of the TV, radio etc at a medium level so that it does not disturb other house members
  • Maintain privacy, respect, and regard for all house members
  • Place clove and fresh rose petals in a bowl of water
  • Store water in a copper vessel
  • The right fresh food should be cooked and consumed timely
  • Make donations of food, charity, books, clothes etc to the poor, handicapped etc. Do social work
  • Remove Buri Nazar, the evil eye


We wish all natives to be blessed with a good positively energized house.

Chant these words below for positive energy, peace and harmony in the house:

                Yaani Kaani Ch Paapaani Janmantara-krtaani Ch

                Tani Sarvaanni Nashyanti Pradakshnina-pade Padey

                Padey Padey Yaa Paripuujakebhyah Sadyo-Shvamedhaadi-Phala Dadaati

                Taan Sarva-Paapa-Kshheya-Hetu-Bhuutam Praddakchinan Te Pareetah Karomi.

   यानि कानि च पापानि जन्मान्तरकृतानि च ।
   तानि सर्वाणि नश्यन्ति प्रदक्षिणपदे पदे ॥
   पदे पदे या परिपूजकेभ्यः सद्योऽश्वमेधादिफल ददाति ।
   तां सर्वपापक्षयहेतुभूतां प्रदक्षिणां ते परितः करोमि ॥

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