What are the Remedies to have Control over Anger?

What are the Remedies to have Control over Anger?

Anger is a mental emotion, instance mental condition or aggravated state of mind towards someone, something or on some matter. Anger can be created due to mental or physical reasons. Depending on the type and level of anger, it is often harmful to not only the person himself-herself but can also be harmful to other persons or things around. The repercussions of anger are often regretted and paid for later.

Anger can be created due to any normal, negative, serious etc reasons. Some examples are:

A person may get angry when his-her train gets late. A customer may feel angered if the order is delayed. A child may feel the anger emotion for not getting a toy. Many parents get angry with their children for different reasons. A spouse may get angry with partner for ignorance. An employer may get angry with an employee for performance issues etc.

A wise person would not let anger control or takeover him-her, rather the person should have control over the anger; males maybe more prone to anger than females.

Some of the ways or remedies to control anger are meditation, keeping a cool and balanced mind, taking steady deep breathes at the moment of feeling of anger, spirituality, seeking knowledge and wisdom, calling or talking to well-wishers like family-friends, ignoring the situation or circumstance for the moment due to which anger emotion is created, going for a walk or playing a sport, visiting a holy place, consulting a Priest or Astrologer, and so forth.

In Astrology, among all the planets, Mars is said to have a major influence or a planet to cause the creation of anger. The level or tendency towards anger and its reaction may vary for different zodiac signs or personality type. Below is a brief food for thought on controlling on knowing the self-related to anger:


Aries: When an Aries person gets angry, s/he may explode impulsively often without a viewpoint or understanding of the larger cause of anger

Taurus: Impulsive or reactive anger may not be there with a Taurus person, but anger builds up gradually over time

Gemini: A Gemini person may let others know for sure about their anger, and communicate anger notably

Cancer: A Cancer person may not burst at the occurrence of anger but may store anger in the mind, and it builds up over time

Leo: A Leo person’s anger may be very fierce like the hot sun or lion. The consequences maybe excessively damaging

Virgo: A Virgo person though may absorb anger to an extent or level, but may display a type of moody or unexpected anger

Libra: A Libra person can be vulnerable or drawn to anger, but may have anger response only after a scrutiny

Scorpio: A Scorpio person may show anger out of insecurity, and an angry reaction may be late but like a snake sting

Sagittarius: A Sagittarian may show anger when his-her morals or opinions are not heard and valued about

Capricorn: A Capricorn person may get angry when someone or something gets in his-her way, like an obstacle, challenge or a problem

Aquarius: An Aquarian may get angry when there is some logic, purpose or reasoning behind it, many at times on small matters or petty issues

Pisces: A Piscean may show anger when his-her privacy, sensitivity, values or secrets are threatened or attacked


However, each native’s birth chart is unique and one of a kind. Many other aspects have to be factored in to determine the personality, traits etc of a native. Planetary transits also play a role from time-to-time. Other astrological factors like MahaDasha are also attributed to the nature of a person. You may consult a Certified Astrologer by calling at +91 – 124 - 6674671 or can set up an appointment with the renowned Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist at GD Vashist Jyotish Sansthan, address: 507, Udyog Vihar, Phase III, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana-122 016


A Mantra for Lord Mangal, Mars is -

                        Om Bhaumaya Namah          

                        ॐ भौमाय नमः

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