What is Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye) Gemstone?

What is Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye) Gemstone?

Description of Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye)

The colour of Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye) is generally milky and this gemstone generally hot in nature. If Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye) gemstone does not suits the person then it gives the bad impact on the person on the person like making him uncomfortable anxiety.

The Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye) is supposed to counter the evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. Also it prevents from different disease. It protects the people from miss happening and accidents. 

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History of Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye)

Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) gemstone, named after its prominent resemblance with the eyes of a cat, is renowned for its healing powers and the ability to enhance intellect and wisdom in a person. The intriguing gem has a distinct appearance and metaphysical powers that have fascinated us for time immemorial.

It is the gemstone of Planet Ketu and is believed to eliminate the harmful impact of Rahu and Ketu on our lives. Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) emerald is known in several names such as Vaiduria, Lahsunia and Chrysoberyl. It holds immense astrological significance and can aid in bringing peace, wealth and prosperity in one’s life. According to astrology, Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) emerald is ideal for people suffering from Rahu-Ketu dasha.

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Powers of Lahsuniya (Cat's Eye)

The planetary powers encompassed in Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eyestone make it effective and fast in its results. Discipline, determination, and dedication are the few features which are build in the person. Wearing Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) gemstone is strongly recommended to ward off the evils from your life. It protects the person from negative energies present out there.

Natural Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eyestone brings wealth and prosperity in life. As per Vedic astrology, this gemstone can also help you to regain your wealth lost by any means. Even the declining businesses can recover with the aid of Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) gemstone properties. Also, Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) gemstone helps one to get isolated from worldly pleasures and desires.

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Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eye) gemstone properties also include its exceptional healing powers that can stimulate crown chakra in your body. This gemstone helps you to recover from post traumatic conditions. It can aid in cancer healing as well. In its pure and natural form, Lahsuniya (Cat’s Eyestone relieves you from anxiety and stress. It gives you hope and a positive attitude towards life.

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