What is Moonga (Red Coral) Stone?

What is Moonga (Red Coral) Stone?

Description of Moonga (Red Coral) Stone

According to Vedic or Hindu astrology the red coral gemstone is the most power stone as it represent the Mars often called as Mangala in Hindi which is red hot in nature and source of energy and enthusiasm

The Red coral branches are naturally matte and its texture is very hard in nature, but they are usually polished to make jewelries.

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The nature of Red Coral gemstone is capable of spread a range of colours like from pale pink to dark red that too the meaning of coral tells it’s this nature.

According to Vedic astrology and some myths mars controls and effects our actions, strengths and thoughts in order to influence our destiny and future. 

History of Moonga (Red Coral) Stone

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Mars is the source of vitality energy and new thought with enthusiasm in humans. The other name of Mars in Hindi is Angarakha. Red Coral is the gemstone which is directly associated with the planet mars and is the source of force which stabilizes the emotion and filled it with controlled emotions and endurance.

In our ancient times the Red Coral or Moonga is the gemstone of Mars and is worn as talisman (Tabeez) to get the benefits of this planetary energy.

The red coral is usually found in oceans and to be more precise on the rocky beds of the sea with sedimentation and lots of pressure and hundreds of years of time.

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Powers of Moonga (Red Coral) Stone

Inclusion of Red Coral in your life or wearing a Red Coral can reduce the effect of the bad moon sitting in a bad position in your Natal chart.  It also Provide vital and vivid energies to the person and prepare him/her to face the different challenges of life.

Red coral is very beneficial for the heart, lungs (against tuberculosis, asthma, and chronic bronchitis), Kidneys, Urinary system, and liver.

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A soothing influence is leave by Red Coral humans also it increases peacefulness have are capable reduce over-sensitivity towards any negativities. Red coral gives relieves from all the way from every chakra of bad moon effect on the person.

The mental and analytical capabilities of human mind could be tweaked by wearing Red coral. It strengthens the cardiac muscle moreover mends emotional distances that stops the reception of love in a relationship.

The extraordinary persons mind is highly influenced by the Red Coral because it gives hyper energy to their mind and body to perform the entire task so that they can achieve their goals. Red Coral is also source of the powerful feelings of a person. The Red Coral stone reserves and produce all the forces within the body.

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