What is Moti (Pearl) Stone?

What is Moti (Pearl) Stone?

Description of Moti (Pearl) Stone

Pearl is one of the most precious stones. Love is represented by this beautiful Pearl gemstone and also it is linked with human emotions. Pearl rules Moon and it harmonizes it also in the positive way so that you could have a happy life and secure future. Also it enhances the positivity and understanding in relationships and makes them stronger and happier.

Since the ancient times the power and the influence of pearl is being worshiped. It is the symbol for love and affection that is why women’s are using it in jewelry and ornaments.

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History of Moti (Pearl) Stone

In Hindu mythology the Pearl is directly associated with lord Ganesha and Vishnu.  Also in Hindu Culture it is considered as a holly jewelry element.

In Yoga Vasistha, and that was written in 10th century, and contains a story of Chintamoni (which was actually the Pearl). Similarly in the Hindu Vishnu Purana have the mention of Symantha Jewell which was also the other name for Pearl Gemstone.

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Powers of Moti (Pearl) Stone

With using right pearl stone, you can actually change your life seriously even its attraction is that strong that no any woman there around the world that is not allures to wear jewelry of pearl.

In our Hindu Astrology the Pearl is directly associated with the Moon. According to our Hindu Mythology the pearls formed because of tears of Goddess. Pearl enhances the personal integrity and pearl gives faith, and innocence.

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According to some old saying and some legends gurus the pearl are the presented by the lord Krishna who is the avatar of lord Vishnu to his daughter on her wedding.

Physical healing powers of Moti (Pearl) Stone

The power of pearl have very deep influence in our health as it could do cure stomach related issues like stomach ulcers, acidity, gas etc permanently.

Similarly the impact of pearl is on more in healing the diseases of skin alike removing the old allergic diseases and pimples from skin. It also helps in increasing the analytical ability of mind.

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The pearl stone also strengthens the cardiac muscles moreover mends reception of love by making emotional stability.

Emotional Powers of Moti (Pearl) Stone

Pearl gemstone can make the sad soul happy for ever moreover it also provides love for the peace of mind peace of mind.

It makes the person to feel the natural beauty and connects the person with natural habitat hence make the person health also.

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The gemstone helps in making the any individual emotionally strong like mentally alert of the emotions and happiness. That too the Pearl Gemstone is more of into making growth of happiness in the nature and behavior of the person.

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