Why did All countries follow Sanatan Dharma

Why did All countries follow Sanatan Dharma

Why all the countries adopted way of funeral from ‘Santan Dharm’

These days Corona's is taking the huge form of a terrible epidemic. Due to which more than 100 countries of the world have been affected and it is continuously making its reach in more countries. According to the World Health Organization, it is spreading as an international epidemic. The National Health Commission has instructed that the bodies of those who died of corona be burnt in the fire (cremation, cremation) and burial (burial of bodies) should be banned.

So that these viruses do not spread to others. Many countries, including China, have now started adopting this method, which is the core of the ancient civilization of Indian Sanatan Dharma. Under which the body is dedicated to the fire after the last darshan. It is believed that this fire of the pyre purifies the dead body. This has been adopted by the Sanatanis as a funeral procession for thousands of years.

The cremation of the corpse is also recognized in the Rigveda's rituals, as well as its evidence in the Garun Purana. According to the tradition of Sanatan Dharma, every human being has to complete 16 sanskars in his whole life. This is played at every stage of age from birth to death.

After death, the body has to be given to the mouth (fire of the pyre) and to be involved in every karma scandal, rituals, pooja recitation etc. lasting from bone immersion to 13 or 17 days.

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How Funeral in ‘Sanatan Dharm’ is executed

वांसासि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय
नवानि गृह्णाति नरोSपराणि |
तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णा-
न्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देहि ||

Sri Krishna also preached the Gita to Arjuna and said that the soul is immortal. The soul is neither destroyed nor is it alive. The soul is only one form of energy which keeps on changing from one form to another. Just as a person renounces old clothes and wears new clothes, in the same way, the person also abandons the old body and enters the new body. After the death in Sanatan Dharma, the dead body should be burnt within 24 hours Tradition is because it has also been proved by science that after death many harmful germs and bacteria are produced in the body which negatively affects the environment and human health. Many times what happens is that the person dying dies from an infectious disease.

Due to which the disintegration of his body after Kimritu is very fast, all the action of his body is relaxed and the body starts to rot. This can be frightening for people around or especially for people who are involved in hiking.

Therefore, within 24 hours of death, all the activities like bathing the body, wearing new clothes, after the last darshan involves lighting the fire. It is described in the Vedas that our body is made up of five elements which are earth, fire, water, air and sky. The only purpose of the legislation described in Sanatan Dharma as the last rites is that the elements from which this body is made should be merged into the same five elements.

Principles of ‘Sanatana Dharma’

Sanatan Dharma includes many such laws which have been made by the intellectuals of the time keeping a certain objective in mind. In which Vedas, Puranas, Dharma, Astrology, Ayurveda etc. are a mixture of all. In our Sanatani tradition, people are greeted by folding both hands, which does not allow any disease or any germ that spreads in the other's body to enter our body.

In addition, the entry of sandal shoes into the house or temple is not allowed, which does not allow the diseases coming from outside. Talking in the true sense, there are so many mysteries not known in Sanatan Dharma, which are the pillars of Sanatan culture, which if not today, tomorrow, the whole world will be forced to accept.

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