Why did Lord Ganesh took Vinayki Avatar?

Why did Lord Ganesh took Vinayki Avatar?

Have you ever heard that Ganesha also took a Vinayki Avatar? The female Avatar of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati's son Ganesh is recorded in the Puranas. This female form of Vinayaka Ganesh ji is known as 'Vinayaki'.
This form of Vinayaki is mentioned in the Dharmottara Purana. Apart from this, there is a mention of the female form of Ganesha in Van Durga Upanishad, which has been given the name of Ganeshwari. Not only this, the description of this female form of Ganesha is also found in the Matsya Purana.
But how did Ganesha take a female form? What was the purpose behind this? What happened that they had to take a female form? Its story is quite interesting, which is associated with Mata Parvati and a monster named Andhak.
According to the Hindu Mythology, once the demon named Andhak became interested to make Goddess Parvati his ardhangini. To fulfill this desire, he forcibly tried to make mother Parvati his wife, but Parvati called her husband Shiva for help.
To save his wife from the monster, Lord Shiva raised his Trishul and passed through the demon. But that demon did not die, but as soon as he felt the Trishul, every drop of his blood turned into a demonic 'Andhaka'.
God felt that if he had to be killed forever, his blood drop would have to stop falling on the ground.
Mother Parvati understood one thing, she knew that every divine power has two elements. The first male element which makes her mentally competent and the second the female element, which empowers her. Therefore Parvati  invited all those goddesses who are the form of Shakti.
In doing so, there came the female form of every divine force, who absorbed the demon's blood before it fell. As a result, generation of Andhaka was reduced.
Then Ganesh took the female Avatar, But even this, it was not possible to eliminate the blood of the blind. Finally, Ganesh appeared in his female form 'Vinayaki' and drank all the blood of Andhak.
In this way, it was possible for the gods to destroy Andhka. The Vinayaki form of Ganesha was first recognized in the 16th century. This form of him looks exactly like Mata Parvati, the difference is only the head which is made of 'Gaja head' like Ganesha.

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