Why is Kundli matching necessary before marriage ?

Why is Kundli matching necessary before marriage ?

In Vedic Astrology, getting a couple's horoscope compatibility checked is referred to as kundli Matching or Kundli Milan. Parents and relatives had been consulting astrologers to get kundlis matched when choosing a suitable partner for their children. However, with more people leaning towards love marriages, and wanting to marry the person they are in a relationship with, a good way to convince your parents would be by getting your horoscopes matches.

Poorly matched horoscope can become a cause to worry for parent. Finding out which aspect may be lacking in your relationship is a great step to improve your compatibility.

There are 8 major aspects (kootas) that are considered while matching. 
Various aspects like 

  • Sexual compatibility
  • Mental compatibility
  • Physical compatibility
  • Temperaments

4 Reasons why kundli is being matched before marriage.

∗ To check marriage marriage compatibility :-

According to shastras, nature considers man and woman as a single identity post-marriage. As a result, one spouse’s destiny, luck and fate influences the other. It can either do wonders or lead to a bad relationship. This is why, kundli milan plays a vital role in decoding the marriage compatibility of two people.


∗ To know future aspects of couple(career, financial):-

Guna or Ashtakoot, is one of the major parameters taken into consideration while matching a kundali. Altogether, there are eight gunas that are taken into consideration to test the amity between two people.

Each guna has different numeric points, which when added, sum up to a total of 36. The marriage is acceptable if two kundlis match with 18 or more points. Higher score means better compatibility.

Criteria for Guna matching Varna :-

  • Matching of the castes
  • Vashya :- Attraction
  • Tara :- Longevity 
  • Yoni :- Nature and characteristics
  • Graha Maitri :- Natural friendship
  • Gan :- Mental compatibility
  • Bhakoot :- Relative influence of one on the other
  • Nadi :- Possibility of child birth

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