Why your marriage is being delayed, know the reasons ?

Why your marriage is being delayed, know the reasons ?

Marriage, it is a ritual and socially adapted coming together between two people for lifetime. The connection formed between the couple is not limited to them but is even shared by their families. It is significant that the partners that are chosen, be it girl or boy, are well-matched with each other so that the new relation formed is healthy and brings cheerfulness and positive energies in the lives of all those who are connected with them. In order to make sure the girl or boy gets a suitable match, parents tend to search for every good possibility.
Every family, bride and the groom fear of getting engaged with the wrong partner as that would bring about negativity, disharmony in family life, disturbed professional life and unfavorably affects the personal state of mind. Another case involved includes delayed marriage, failure to search a suitable match.
In sort as to be sure about that one is blessed with a happy married life, right partner and gets married at the accurate age, they can trust Vastu Shastra. Quite a few factors can communicate to the above mentioned issues. Vastu shastra is supposed to have a through influence on marriages and married life.
It give emphasis to that many a times, Vastu can assist an individual come out of a difficult condition. He explains that this Hindu system of architecture has a significant influence on the life condition of a human being.
Impact of Vastu Shastra on Marriage: It has been demonstrated that defects in the Vastu of home has a direct control over certain factors related to marriage, including delayed marriages, disharmony between husband and wife, couple living separate despite being married, divorce. It is being suggested to follow certain tips to follow and avoid in relevance to Vastu Shastra to avert delayed marriages and for leading a happy married life.
Tips to avoid delayed marriages: It is recommended to follow the tips to avoid delayed marriages:


  • A young girl that has reached her puberty age should sleep in the bedroom that is in North-West direction. In case of no bedroom in that direction, the girl can sleep in a bedroom in the West direction with her head positioned either in the South or West direction.
  • To be noted that the bed sheets of the girl’s room must be light colored.
  • Marriageable age boys must sleep in bedrooms facing the North-East.
  • South-West faced bedrooms should be treated as the master bedrooms.


  • Don’t get an underground tank constructed in the South-West corner.
  • The center of a home should not have a staircase.

Tips for a peaceful and happy married life: It is suggested that the following tips should be followed for a peaceful and happy married life:


  • Couple should sleep in a bedroom facing the South-West or South.
  • The color of the bedroom should be pleasing to the eyes and not dark colored.
  • Make use of a wooden bed and it should be rectangular or square in shape.
  • Keep fresh flowers in the room and change them as per requirement.
  • The north-east direction of the house should be clean.
  • Don’ts:
    • Avoid having kitchen in the North-east direction.
    • Don’t buy metal beds for your rooms.
    • Avoid beds including storage spaces.
    • Don’t include mirrors in the bedroom.


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