Sita Jayanti Special - Sita: the vanquisher of Sahastra Ravan

Sita Jayanti Special - Sita: the vanquisher of Sahastra Ravan

To end the tyranny of wicked Ravan, She came to earth. She is the ultimate shakti of the universe. She, the aadya prakriti. She is the shakti of Vishnu, She is Sita. On the ninth date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month, Mata Sita incarnated on earth. She is none other than Goddess Mahalakshmi herself, who is the consort of Lord Rama, the 7th Vishnu avatar and has incarnated to fulfill his Leela.

This year, Sita Jayanti will be celebrated on Tuesday, May 10th.

Devi Sita is the epitome of courage, purity, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, and beauty.

The legend behind Devi Sita's genesis is divine and supernatural. She did not emerge from a mother's womb but appeared miraculously from barren land. Janaki was found in a golden cascate when king Janaka was furrowing the field in the outer circles of the kingdom of Videha (also known as Mithila). He found a beautiful and wonderfully beautiful child in a golden box, who later became Sita, Bhumija, Avnija, Vaidehi, and Maithili.

There are many versions of the epic Ramayana but do you know there is a version where Devi Sita slays Demon Ravan? You might know the mainstream Ramayana stories where Rama Kills Ravana but in the Adhbhut Ramayan, Devi Sita is the one who kills the demon Ravan. And the best part is that both the versions were written by the same author!

In Adhbhut Ramayan, Sita is often identified as the "Vaishnavi Shakti" (Just as Kaali is Shiv's Shakti). In this version, Bhagwan Ram prays to Devi and Devi Sita takes the form of Mahakali and kills the thousand times mightier Ravan, Sahastra Ravan, and saves Bhagwan Rama and his army.

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