Ratan Tata

He was born in 1937 in the Dasha of Jupiter which went on till 1948, and Jupiter was sitting inauspiciously in the 2nd House in his Kundli, due to which he must have had a problem of cough, breathing,  allergy problem at the time of birth. Sun, Mercury, and Venus were in the making in their union in the Lagna-ascendant, due to which his nature-behavior may have remained a little irritable. 

Vijay Mallya

Mr. Vijay Mallya was born on the 18th of December 1955 in the Hindu society in a prosperous family Mr. Vittal Mallya’s home. His father Mr. Vittal Mallya was the President of the UB Group. Mr. Vijay Mallya was born in the Chandra Mahadasha that continued to influence his life till 1962,

Mukesh Ambani

Mr. Mukesh Ambani was born on the 19th of April 1957, in the Mahadasha of Ketu. At this time, in the Kundli, Ketu was giving lower result-reward in the 3 enemies-opponents planets, but due to this planetary condition only, the moon in the Wealth House, his birth did not take place in the homeland but in another region-country.


Akash Ambani

Mr. Akash Ambani was born in one of the world’s richest families, in 1991 in Mumbai. The special matter-aspect is this that in his Lagan-ascendant Kundli only, high Jupiter’s Yog, condition, provided him with happiness-prosperity, wellbeing, from childhood only. 

Om Prakash Jindal

Om Prakash Jindal is the Founder of Jindal Udyog Group; from childhood only he was interested in machinery. He started the business of torn and thrown away pipes. He used to buy-trade these kinds of pipes in the auction from the markets of Assam. Near Kolkata, at a place named Liluah made a factory, manufacturing pipe band and socket. 

Robert Vadra

Businessman Robert Vadra came in the headlines when he according to Government rules-norms was accused of creating wealth-assets worth crores of rupees. During the Lok Sabha elections, the allegations put on Robert Vadra became a sore throat for the Congress. 


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