Aamir Khan

Mr. Aamir Khan was born in the family of Film Producer Mr. Tahir Hussain’s house in the year 1965. Due to which from the beginning only, the talent of playing music and acting remained.


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Celebrity Horoscope Aamir Khan Kundli
  • Name:- Aamir Khan
  • Date Of Birth:- 14-03-1965
  • Time Of Birth:- 18:15
  • Place Of Birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Information Source:- From Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Aamir Khan Kundli

Aamir Khan's HoroScope :-

During this time-period, Ketu in years 1986-1993, got him happiness of son, and work and its functioning; but the coming Dasha was not at all good for Mr. Aamir Khan in the private life. This Dasha is of Venus that remained in years 1993-2013 and this Dasha got him to realize about his health, eyes problem, skin problem, honor-respect and lack in happiness; and in years 2000-2003, it was not at all good for private-personal life, because Rahu was present long time in Venus, which worked to fire-disturbance in home’s peace-happiness, and in this duration got him divorced.

Mr. Aamir Khan’s birth took place in the Mahadasha of Saturn, which worked to spoil the mother’s health and happiness of home till the year 1969 because Rahu was sitting in the 4th House. After the repair work of the house, it worked to spoil the happiness of the mother. Mr. Aamir Khan in the childhood state did not at all have this idea-knowledge that the coming Mercury Mahadasha in years 1969 till 1986 will bring a new break, because Mercury sitting in the 2nd House in the Janam Kundli makes a person sweet in talk-voice music lover, and after 34 years of hard work, becomes rich, and under this Dasha, in years 1973-75, Venus Antardasha came, which got him the help of his Chacha, father’s younger brother, and got him acting in the movie “Yadoon Ki Baarat”. In this time, actor Aamir Khan’s acting profession got started, but Lagan sitting in Sun and Venus, Saturn’s device, in the year 1986, got him into love relationship, Saturn’s Antardasha got his marriage done, but according to Janam Kundli, if his marriage took place before the age of 25, his married life would never have been happy, and this is what happened. This Yog, condition, got him married in age 21, and in year 2002 it got him divorced.

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