Akash Ambani

Mr. Akash Ambani was born in one of the world’s richest families, in 1991 in Mumbai. The special matter-aspect is this that in his Lagan-ascendant Kundli only, high Jupiter’s Yog, condition, provided him with happiness-prosperity, wellbeing, from childhood only. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Akash Ambani Kundli
  • Name:- Akash Ambani
  • Date Of Birth:- 23-10-1991
  • Time Of Birth:- 00:00
  • Place Of Birth:- Mumbai, India
  • Information Source:- from internet
Celebrity Horoscope Akash Ambani Kundli

Akash Ambani's HoroScope :-

His father’s name is Mr. Mukesh Ambani, who himself is maintaining his father’s work with hard work and dedication. There is no doubt about it that Mr. Akash Ambani also has the business qualities filled in-depth like his father. Mr. Akash Ambani was born in the Mahadasha of Mercury that was effective with him till 1996. The Mercury Aditya Yog in Mr. Akash Ambani’s Janam Kundli made him the master of a great mind, wisdom; this Yog, condition, also made him an aim to move on the roadmap of his father. But due to the lower horoscope of the Sun, he got to face a lot of problems related to his health, in which fatness-obesity was one. The time of Venus in Mr. Akash Ambani’s Janam Kundli is effective for him in the period 2003-2023. Saturn present in the 7th House in his Janam Kundli, makes Ypg, condition of him to have a life partner older than him. At this time, there was a making-creation of new enthusiasm-energy in him that made him handle his father’s business like a good businessman. Mars sitting in the Libra horoscope got the condition of a love affair in a young age. This Yog, condition, also makes for love marriage. As the time of Jupiter began in the Dasha of Venus, he got his Yog, condition, of Manglik-religious work in the family. In the coming of Mercury and Ketu Antardasha in Venus Dasha, it is making a lot of success Yog, condition, in business; along with it, there is also Yog, condition, of good family-household happiness. If he does not consume non-vegetarian, alcohol, then he will never turn and look back in life.

In the period 1996-2003, as the equilibrium of Ketu came in his Janam Kundli, the Yog, conditions of his going out came! The Ketu sitting in upper position in Mr. Akash Ambani’s Janam Kundli, made him a positive behavior type of person. The moon in the luck position-place and Rahu sitting in the higher house, did not give any problem in his studies. Ketu placed in higher House only made him complete his studies abroad. The making of Mars and Mercury in the Janam Kundli of Mr. Akash Ambani got him attached to games, and gave him quite a big friends’ circle.

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