Amit Shah

Amit Shah is an Indian politician and the current Home Minister of India. He has also been the National President of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Has been the Home Minister of Gujarat State of India and the General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Amit Shah Kundli
  • Name:- Amit Shah
  • Date Of Birth:- 22-10-1964
  • Time Of Birth:- 05:25
  • Place Of Birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Amit Shah Kundli

Amit Shah's HoroScope :-

Currently, he has been a member of Rajya Sabha. And is currently a Lok Sabha MP from Gandhi Nagar. Carrying out the post of Home Minister in the second term of the Modi government, Amit Shah took a big decision to remove Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, from which information about his unswerving and fearless nature can be inferred.


Amit Shah was born on the 22nd of October 1964 in the mahadasha of Venus, in Mumbai at the home of a businessperson-merchant. This Dasha in his life is in the mahadasha of Venus, that is sitting in its own, in the exalted-high 12th House position. In this Dasha the Yog-condition of starting studies were good, but in his horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli, due to the moon sitting in the 8th House, he did not much benefit our of his studies.


On the 5th of November 1980, in the MahaDasha of the Sun, that is sitting in the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli’s 2nd House; in this Dasha, Amit Shah starting doing work in his father’s business only. In this Dasha, Yog-condition of his joining politics was also created.  This Dasha remained in his life remained for 6 years, meaning till 1986.


From the 5th of November 1986 to the 4th of November 1996, the MahaDasha of the moon remained in his horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli. During this MahaDasha, in 1987 Yog-condition of his joining the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. From here, Amit Shah put his step, made his foray in politics. And in this Dasha, for him, the field of politics, Venus in the 11th House, sitting in its high-exalted place, took him towards politics. Amit Shah’s wedding with Sonal Shah happened in 1987 in the MahaDasha of the moon that proved to be quite beneficial for him. Amit Shah remained very close to his mother, but the moon is placed in the 8th House of the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli, his mother got death-like pain, and she died due to a severe illness.  


From the 5th of November 1996 to the 4th of November 2003, the MahaDasha of Mars in his horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli, got a lot of benefits for him in politics, Mars being seated in the 11th House in his Janam Kundli, gave reward-fruit of hard work. In this Dasha, he got the Yog-condition of having a son, whose name is Jay Shah. After this in 1997, he started his political career by winning the by-election from the Sarkhej Assembly seat in Gujarat. After this, Yog-condition was created for him to touch heights in politics. After this in 1999, it came forward in the form of President of Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank (ADCB).


 From the 5th of November 2003 to the 4th of November 2021, in the mahadasha of Rahu, Yog-condition of spoiling of his own honor-respect were created, and in the ongoing current MahaDasha there is progress in work, but Yog-condition of harm to honor-respect will remain only, if he does some remedy for his Rahu, then in the coming time he will get quite a lot of name-fame.

After 2021, the coming Dasha is of Jupiter, that is sitting in his place of luck, from where he will get name-fame.

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