Anna Hazare

India’s prominent Social Activist, Leader Mr. Anna Hazare was born in June 1937 in Bhingar, Maharashtra, India. He was born in the Mahadasha of Venus, that ran till 1950. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Anna Hazare  Kundli
  • Name:- Anna Hazare
  • Date Of Birth:- 15-06-1937
  • Time Of Birth:- 08:36
  • Place Of Birth:- Bhingar, Maharashtra
  • Information Source:- From Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Anna Hazare  Kundli

Anna Hazare 's HoroScope :-

Saturn (2007-2025): In this Mahadasha, due to changing-shifting to Lord Shani, Saturn, his name has become popular in discussion and in the form of human force service. Along with, during this Mahadasha, his full efforts were revolted-revoked upon across the country, in different types of committees. In this Mahadasha along with Saturn, due to coming of friendly planets, he made a new mark-recognition in the country and is widely discussed and popular by name “Anna”.

In this Dasha, he had his education at normal basic level; and the 9th House, the leading House led him to have higher noble thoughts and made for great speech-voice. Along with it, to quite an extent, it made an increase in the quality-level of speech and higher nobility. Along with it, Rahu in the 8th House, and Lord Shani, Saturn in the Wealth House made him the country’s patriot, nationalist. He, from the start wanted to join the Police, Army etc and work in the service to the nation. Sun (1950-1956): During this Mahadasha, he joined the Army. With Mars in the Dasha of the Sun, he worked tirelessly and with own courage in favor of the country. In this Mahadasha of the Sun, it made him the golden one, and reached high levels in the works of service to the country; and due to this reason, higher Venus, and positioning of Saturn, he devoted his whole life to the nation; and did a lot of work in favor of the village and country. The Moon (1956-1966): In this duration, he was in the job, and supported in the fight-war. Mars (1966-1973): In this Mahadasha, he participated in many types of fights-wars, he even once faced death situation, because in the House of Mars and horoscope, the inauspicious effect, and due to Venus being in high level, he survived at the edge, miraculously. Rahu (1973-1991): In this Mahadasha of Rahu, in the year 1980, he worked in the village for solving problems, for water, grain-food program, and electricity; for which he got rewarded. Along with it, due to high Jupiter, he gave some part of his land to the village. In this Dasha of Rahu, in 1991 he started a movement against corruption in the country. In-between, due to the enemy planet in Rahu, it also brought the condition of Police arrest, but he established his place, he lasted it. Jupiter (1991-2007): In this Mahadasha of Jupiter, that is in the Wealth House in his Janam Kundli, being in good situation-place, must have proved to be RajYog for him. Due to this reason, he made pressure on the present Government then to ban smoking, liquor-drinking, gambling, etc type of bad habits in his area-State. Along with it, due to many types of protests, he was acknowledged-rewarded by Government Awards.

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