Dev Anand

Dev Anand ji's full name was Dharmadev Anand, he was known as Dev Anand, the evergreen actor, producer, and director of his era. Dev Anand has always been in the news in his time. His father Kishorimal Anand was a lawyer by profession. He received his bachelor's degree in English literature from Government College, Lahore. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Dev Anand Kundli
  • Name:- Dev Anand
  • Date Of Birth:- 26-09-1923
  • Time Of Birth:- 09:30
  • Place Of Birth:- Gurdaspur, Punjab
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Dev Anand Kundli

Dev Anand's HoroScope :-

Dev Anand's brothers, Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand were also successful directors in Indian cinema. His sister Sheel Kanta Kapoor is the mother of famous film director Shekhar Kapoor. A song from Dev Anandji's film 'Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibayat Chala' reflects the aspect of his life. Dev Anand's film journey began in 1946 with his friend Gurudutt from the film 'Hum Ek Hai'. He has so far acted in more than a hundred films, directed thirty films, produced twenty films and wrote ten films.

Dev Anand was born on 26 September 1923 in Gurdaspur in the influence (Mahadasha) of Mercury. This influence (Mahadasha) remained in his life till 1934, his birth chart does not consist of much good education. As Mercury spoils the work of a person in the twelfth house. But in his birth chart, the Sun was in the twelfth position with Saturn which effected and spoiled his father's side. Due to which his education stopped in the middle only.


In the influence (Mahadasha) of Ketu on 17 June 1934, Ketu works in his horoscope which was in the fifth house to spoil his thoughts and his work. In its interval, Saturn’s influence started as soon as on 17 June 1941 and from there began to be the source of their work. Venus is in his twelfth house in the horoscope and giving the high success rate. Under this condition, Dev Anand ji started to work in the army field, but after the economic condition of his house was not going good, he had to leave the army where he worked for a year and started the career in the art field in 1946. After this, there were successive additions in his life.


So, under this influence (Mahadasha), his marriage significantly took place in 1954 and he married Kalpana Karthik. On 30 June 1956, his fortune of having a son and a daughter was also witnessed. This condition lasted for 20 years in his life.


The influence (Mahadasha) of the Sun began on 17 June 1961 according to the horoscope. Under this influence (Mahadasha), in his life, many kinds of issues were seen in the field of work and the of mental stress, health problems too. The Sun affected when it is with Saturn in the twelfth house in its horoscope and reduces the health of the life partner and the condition of the work itself. After this, on the basis of their horoscope, influence (Mahadasha) of Moon (Chandra) is situated in the sixth house in their birth chart which made it very good for him in work. Through earning well and strengthening the economic condition, as well as Mars and Rahu. The situation remained the same. In the film industry, he earned his name with hard work and unfortunately died on 3 December 2011 at the age of 88 under the influence of Jupiter.

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