Donald Trump

Mr. Donald Trump was born on the 14th of June 1946 in Queens, New York City, in the Mahadasha of Mercury, which was there till 1946. In this Dasha, there were conditions in the coming of mental stress and nerves problem to his mother.

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Celebrity Horoscope Donald Trump Kundli
  • Name:- Donald Trump
  • Date Of Birth:- 14-06-1946
  • Time Of Birth:- 10:54
  • Place Of Birth:- New York
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Donald Trump Kundli

Donald Trump's HoroScope :-

In the 4th House of the Janam Kundli, horoscope, the Yog, condition, of the moon and Mars, and along with it the Dasha of Ketu that remained in period 1948-1955, must have worked in spoiling of the health of mother, and home happiness-peace; along with it this Dasha, it may also have worked in bringing lack-problem in education - studies. In this, due to the Sun being in the 10th House, the Yog, condition of father’s health and relation with father not being good-cordial are also made, which also enables many problems in work and its functioning.

Moving on, this led to his three marriages that happened in 1977, 1993, and 2005. Due to being in the Lagna of Mars, and spoiling of the 4 Houses, due to lack of happiness-peace, he must have faced a lack in his household-family happiness. Due to this, from 1981 to 1991, Mr. Donald Trump faced a mental problem, and the Dasha of the moon also made him face the problem of lack-loss of mother’s happiness. The Dasha of Rahu affected his life very much from 1998 to 2016, because in this Dasha he joined the political career; along with it, Venus and Saturn sitting in the 12th House, and making of higher Ketu, got his name famous in the age of 52, and made him join opponent related work like politics; and Mr. Donald Trump after the age of 52 years, he did not look back; and in the period 2010 to 2015 it must have worked to get lack-deficiency in happiness in household life; but the Dasha of Rahu, while moving ahead in life made him famous and got him made the President of the US in 2016.

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