Ishant Sharma

Mr. Ishant Sharma was born on the 2nd of September 1988 in Delhi. He was born in the MahaDasha of the Sun. The Sun Lord was present in the House of Work, in his birth chart; due to which his stature-physique was quite good. Due to which he had progress-advancement in his work and its functioning and in the work area.

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Celebrity Horoscope Ishant Sharma Kundli
  • Name:- Ishant Sharma
  • Date Of Birth:- 02-09-1988
  • Time Of Birth:- 12:00
  • Place Of Birth:- Delhi
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Ishant Sharma Kundli

Ishant Sharma's HoroScope :-

Moon (1990-2000): The Moon was present in a good position in the Wealth House, due to which in his birth chart, had the making of the Yog-condition of his becoming a star in the world. In his birth chart in this year of MahaDasha the financial condition of his father, and his starting education, and gave rise to his interest in sports-games activities, and increased the stamina of the body. In this condition, bravery like the lion, and patience and strength like an elephant was gifted.

Mars (2000-2007): In this MahaDasha of Mars, he like the Mars’ area aspects-qualities like sports-games and physical ability works, made him master of these, along with him in the field of sports, in this MahaDasha, he participated in many of these kinds of one-day matches. During this MahaDasha he established relations with many high stature players, along with it he got recognition in the country. In this MahaDasha of Mars, it got him to travel abroad, and often got injury. Rahu (2007-2025): In the MahaDasha of Rahu, it got him from low floor level status to very high level. During this MahaDasha, he remained a good bowler in the Indian team. He surprised many international players, batsmen, with his fast bowling. He got many types of achievements. His bowling was famously in talks, along with it in less age he was among the 5 Indian bowler. Also because Rahu is associated with the 4th House so the resultant relation, meaning the marriage binding, due to the Saturn and Rahu, he got into marriage relationship. Along with it, Mercury’s union in Rahu, and Moon part with Venus due to union, with the platform of media, got may types of advertisement source of income. Along with it, IPL and many sports-games performance was quite good, due to which Shah Rukh Khan high celebrity level person paid very expensive and high cost in own IPL team. He in 2014, at the time when Saturn was in Rahu, performed his best. Along with it, he left a deep impression in the hearts of the youth.

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