Karishma Kapoor

Ms. Karishma Kapoor was born on the 25th of June 1974, in the MahaDasha of the Sun, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her father has remained an Actor by profession; in the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli, the Sun is sitting in the 11th House, which is regarded as the place of benefit; it got good Yog-condition for support in education from her father. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Karishma Kapoor Kundli
  • Name:- Karishma Kapoor
  • Date Of Birth:- 25-06-1974
  • Time Of Birth:- 12:00
  • Place Of Birth:- Mumbai
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Karishma Kapoor Kundli

Karishma Kapoor's HoroScope :-

Yog-conditions were made for Karishma to leave her studies in-between; the MahaDasha of the moon remained in her Janam Kundli from the 26th of October 1980 to the 25th of October 1990; the moon is sitting in the 5th House in her Janam Kundli, in the place of work profession, from where problems come in the completing of studies; the moon in the 5th House gives only one happiness, between the happiness of studies and the happiness of mother. In her Janam Kundli, due to the union of the Sun and Saturn being the 11th House, it makes Mars bad, from where Yog-condition of separation with the life partner is made; as the MahaDasha of Jupiter joined in her life on the 26th of October 2015, Yog-condition of divorce with her life partner was made; Jupiter is the planet to give happiness. But due to being seated in a bad House, he did not get happiness. In with Karishma Kapoor’s 2nd MahaDasha of Jupiter, from the 13th of November 2017, in the ongoing MahaDasha, it goes with the lack of household happiness and work and its functioning.

Karishma’s studies did not get completed but created the Yog-condition of support of mother in the field of work to move forward. Karishma started her film career in the MahaDasha of Mars, which remained from the 26th of October 1990 to the 25th of October 1997. Mars is sitting in the 9th House in her Janam Kundli, in the place of luck-fortune, from where good reward-fruit of work is gotten, and gets good support of luck, and got progress-advancement in her work. Karishma Kapoor got married on the 29th of October 2003 in the MahaDasha of Rahu; this MahaDasha of Rahu remained from the 26th of October 1997 to the 25th of October 2015. In this MahaDasha, she had a daughter born in 2005, whose name is Sameira. And in 2010, a son was born, whose name is Kiaan. In this duration, Yog-conditions were made to reach-achieve quite a lot of heights in her career, and got fame.

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