MS Dhoni

When Mr. M. S. Dhoni was born, Mahadasha of Sun was ongoing in his Janam Kundli, birth chart, which remained in his Janam Kundli from birth to 1985. The Sun was sitting in the 10th House in his Kundli along with Mercury. Here, the Yog, condition, of Sun and Mercury being together gave him a good thought process and understanding, and such a person keeps trust-faith on his-her mind. 


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Celebrity Horoscope MS Dhoni Kundli
  • Name:- MS Dhoni
  • Date Of Birth:- 07-07-1981
  • Time Of Birth:- 11:15
  • Place Of Birth:- Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Information Source:- From Internet
Celebrity Horoscope MS Dhoni Kundli

MS Dhoni's HoroScope :-

In the period 2002-2020, Dasha of Rahu will remain in his Kundli, and in this time, he will have a noble-best nature, and will be the one to get honor-respect everywhere. A good effect of time will remain on his father, but for his mother the time will not remain so good. His mother will get to face health related problems. He will be the one to give auspicious result to his father. In this Dasha, he first got recognition in 2003, and he also got selected for the 1-day match for the Indian team; this Dasha along with name-fame got disappointment also. In this period, though Dhoni Ji got name-fame, but in bargain, after 3-4 years the years were not quite so good, and in this time, he also got to face some defeats; but after this period, the great time that began for him, in his Kundli, the Saturn’s Antardasha in Rahu, that Dasha along with name-fame gave him publicity-popularity, and in 2007 he became Captain. He is the type who would do his work in a secretive way, and on getting chance, he immediately would change his thought process like a spinning top-teetotum. In this time, may get to see some difference in his behavior-nature, in which he may attempt to humiliate his own people due to which conflicts with him will arise.

Due to the Sun and Mercury being together, his Mars also becomes good, and also that Mars was already in his 9th House in the Janam Kundli; due to which his bent-interest increased towards sports, and as he moved ahead, he became a good cricketer; and due to this Yog, condition, he also got good friends who always supported him.From 1979 to 1985, the Dasha of Sun ran, and his birth took place in this Dasha in 1981, so he got to face health related problems for the first four years, but the time was absolutely favorable for his father’s job. 1985-1995, in these 10 years, the Mahadasha of moon remained in his Kundli. The moon in his Kundli in Lagna-ascendant, was sitting with Jupiter and Saturn. As and when Jupiter’s Antardasha came in moon, that time to quite an extent remained fine for him; but when Saturn Antardsaha came in the Mahadasha of the moon, that time brought problems for him. In this Dasha, especially for his mother’s health was impactful, and this time also got financial problems, and this time was also not quite so good for studies. In his childhood, one more problem also must have remained with him, and that must have been getting repeated injury on the leg. In 1995-2002, in his Janam Kundli, the Dasha of Mars ran, and that was really good for him to go in sports-games; and in this Dasha, in 1998 Dhoni Ji also got selected in the Under-19 team, in which he performed very well also. This time-period was good for his sports, but this time was also for him to work hard, because in this Kundli, there were not quite such Yog, condition, due to which he got to repeatedly face disappointment.

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