Mukesh Ambani

Mr. Mukesh Ambani was born on the 19th of April 1957, in the Mahadasha of Ketu. At this time, in the Kundli, Ketu was giving lower result-reward in the 3 enemies-opponents planets, but due to this planetary condition only, the moon in the Wealth House, his birth did not take place in the homeland but in another region-country.


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Celebrity Horoscope Mukesh Ambani Kundli
  • Name:- Mukesh Ambani
  • Date Of Birth:- 19-04-1957
  • Time Of Birth:- 19:53
  • Place Of Birth:- Aden, Yemen
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Mukesh Ambani Kundli

Mukesh Ambani's HoroScope :-

Venus (1958-1978): In the Mahadasha of Venus, his initial-starting education got completed. Due to Venus’ presence in the 6th House, along with the presence of Mercury-Aditya Yog, condition provided him with happiness-prosperity along with increasing age; along with it, malefic Jupiter at a position in the 10th place, his father got to face a lot of challenges-difficulties. In this Dasha, his family resided in Mumbai. Sun (1984-1994): This Mahadasha was quite Yogic-beneficial for him because the Sun remained quite good along with three planets. In this time duration, his father got the PFY manufacturing in the present Government-authority then. Then in 1981, he integrated plants, established plaster and fiber plants; he controlled-managed his business in Gujarat and remained successful continuously-constantly. Rahu (2001-2019): This Mahadasha proved to be a boon for him. In this duration, got achievements at new levels. If we say that Rahu is the shining planet that only got him from a low level to the highest level in no time, then it is not wrong. He earned a name from foreign contacts-relationships, new business policies, and petrol and telecom works that earned him a name; and JIO gave birth to a revolution, due to which his turnover increased more. During this Mahadasha only, in 2010 got work from a big foreign company, for one Jamnagar of petrol refinery. →In this duration, he also got to face some opposing situations. In December 2014, due to Rahu’s relation with Mercury, he got an FIR against him for alleging criminal notice. In December 2013, Progressive Punjab Investors’ Summit in Mumbai the possibilities of a “collaborative venture” →In 2014, he was honored-selected to address the “40th AGM” →The February 2016’s 4G smart-phone with brand name LYF, it became India’s 3rd most selling brand, here Rahu provided-enabled so →In 2010, 2013, 2016, it was only Rahu that enabled him to get him prizes and awards. In 2016, Chemical Heritage Foundation, CHF, gave Othmer Gold Chemical Award.

Moon (1984-1994): During this Mahadasha, he achieved quite good records. Due to presence of moon in the friendly zodiac, and friendly planets being in Rajyog and lesser Rajyog, gave good result-reward. Along with it, moon with the effect of Rahu, gave conditions of progress for work in items coming out of the Earth. Mars (18 August 1994 – 17 August 2001): Mars present in the 7th House in his Kundli was providing-giving a Rajyog; due to which, in a way, made him a brand in the world. During this time, he worked on the oil and items that come out of land-Earth. Along with it, due to Lagna ascendant’s friendly planet, he got benefit in the works of machines, and gas, steam, oil and mining. In this duration, he set up-framed the information and communication work.

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