Parveen Babi

Ms. Parveen Babi was born in the Dasha of Chandra-moon on the 4th of April 1949, in Junagadh, Gujarat. She completed her schooling from Mount Carmel High School, with art school education. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Parveen Babi Kundli
  • Name:- Parveen Babi
  • Date Of Birth:- 04-04-1949
  • Time Of Birth:- 12:00
  • Place Of Birth:- Junagarh, Gujarat
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Parveen Babi Kundli

Parveen Babi's HoroScope :-

After which she enrolled in the Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad in the MahaDasha of Mangal-Mars, which influenced her for 7 years; due to Shukr-Venus, Surya-Sun, Budh-Mercury being in the position-House of father, it weakened her happiness of father, and in 1959 in the Dasha of Mangal-Mars. On the 30th of October 1983, Ms. Parveen Babi left her career, and started spending most of the time abroad, at the passing of this time, with Guru-Jupiter Dasha, due to mental balance getting disturbed, her memory became weak, and in the Dasha of Shani-Saturn, due to diabetes disease, on 22nd of January 2005, was found dead at her residential place.

Her father passed away. Moving ahead on the basis of hard work and the union of Mangal-Mars and Shukr-Venus, she established her footprint in the field of modeling in such as way that when the Dasha of Rahu started in 1972 to 1973 that along with modeling, established her footprint in the film industry, in which the first film proved a flop-failure, but Ms. Parveen Babi not accepting failure continued her efforts; she never got married, due to Shukr-Venus being affected, she did not get the happiness of marriage. The time of the MahDasha of Guru-Jupiter, from 1978 to 1994, there was disruption in her honor-respect. and came forward in the form of a glamorous artist, and became the topic of many discussions, gossips; she was counted as one of the successful artists, and the journey of successful films got started, which continued for several years.

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