Rahul Gandhi

Congress Party’s Rahul Gandhi was born on the 18th of June 1970 in the MahaDasha of Mercury in Delhi at the place of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and former Head Sonia Gandhi. In this MahaDasha, Mercury was sitting in the 5th House of his horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Rahul Gandhi Kundli
  • Name:- Rahul Gandhi
  • Date Of Birth:- 19-07-1970
  • Time Of Birth:- 21:52
  • Place Of Birth:- Delhi
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Rahul Gandhi Kundli

Rahul Gandhi's HoroScope :-

After this, Rahul Gandhi at the end of 2002 became the Group-Director member of an engineering and technology company in Mumbai ‘Outsourcing Company BackUp Service Private Limited’. In the MahaDasha of Venus, Yog-condition of joining the politics were created, and Rahul Gandhi started his political career in the year 2003; that in this duration, due to speaking-language he remained in disputes quite a few times; from 2003 to 2007 he made forward steps in politics a few times, but he always got disappointment of not getting any successes. 17 April 2007 – 16 April 2013 – in his life, in his Janam Kundli, the MahaDasha of the Sun remained, this Dasha, was placed in the 6th House, from where he did not get much satisfaction related to his career; the Sun meaning father did reduce the happiness that comes from father, but along with it also brings lack-deficiency in honor-respect; the Dasha of Sun also did not prove to be much successful. 17 April 2013 – 16 April 2023 – the MahaDasha of the moon is going on, but at this time in the matter of politics will not prove to be auspicious because due to the moon being in the House of Saturn will give bad result-reward only; and may get to face depression. But in the coming time, Yog-condition of marriage will be made. However, this time is very good for Manglik-religious works. Auspicious gemstone: Blue sapphire (Neelam)

Rahul Gandhi also has a sister whose name is Priyanka Gandhi. The MahaDasha of Mercury remained in his horoscope birth chart for 10 years, in this Dasha, his starting education did not remain so good, due to bad reward-fruit of the moon in his Kundli, Yog-conditions of his mother to face struggle were created. 17 April 1980 – 16 April 1987 – In this time, in his Janam Kundli, in the MahaDasha of Ketu, Yog-conditions for staying away from home for education was created, but due to Ketu sitting in the 8th House in his Janam Kundli, he got Yog-condition of the physical-body problem and sudden accident. 17 April 1987 – 16 April 2007 - In this period the MahaDasha of Venus remained. In this Dasha, Venus was sitting in the 7th House in his Janam Kundli; in this Dasha, Yog-conditions were created for good studies for Rahul Gandhi. The MahaDasha of Venus proved to be best for Rahul Gandhi. Yog-conditions for him to work outside were also made. In the MahaDasha of Venus, in 1995 his studies got completed, but due to the moon being seated in the 11th House he did not get much reward-fruit related to his studies. In the MahaDasha of Venus, due to the Sun sitting in the 6th House, there was a lack in the happiness that comes from the side of the father, and Rahul Gandhi’s father ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi died due to an incident.

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