Mr. Rajnikanth is such a name that no one needs an introduction to, but his birth chart, Janam Kundli got to see many ups and downs, fluctuations in his life, which we are unfolding for you.

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Celebrity Horoscope Rajnikanth Kundli
  • Name:- Rajnikanth
  • Date Of Birth:- 12-12-1950
  • Time Of Birth:- 23:49
  • Place Of Birth:- Bangalore
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Rajnikanth Kundli

Rajnikanth's HoroScope :-

Famous actor Mr. Rajnikanth was born on the 12th of December 1950, in a Marathi family, in the MahaDasha of the moon, that remained effective for him till 1958. His father Mr. Ramoji Rao was a Police constable. Due to Kaal Sarp Dosh being in the birth chart, Janam Kundli, of the actor Mr. Rajnikanth Ji, his planetary constellations were the supportive factors for his hard work and self-confidence. In the birth chart of actor Rajnikanth Ji, the Yog-combination of Mercury and Venus kept his interest in the art field from childhood only. The Yog-combination of Mercury and Venus in the birth chart of Rajnikanth Ji also provided him to have a sharp mind, but the horoscope of Saturn, the moon sitting in a bad position, did not give good financial condition. Due to this bad Dasha of the moon, it spoilt the happiness of mother for him at quite a young age.

In the birth chart of the famous actor Rajnikanth Ji, from 1958, the time of Mars started, that remained effective for him till 1965. Due to Mars being in the good higher status in horoscope in the birth chart, in a very less age, he worked hard to display his talent, but the moon sitting in the horoscope of Saturn and with the view of the bad Lord Saturn, Shani Dev, kept his financial status as bad only. Rahu sitting in the inauspicious 8th House, and the combination of the moon and Mars in the 6th House, got him extremely painstakingly hard working type condition. As the time of Rahu came in the birth chart of actor Rajnikanth Ji, from 1965 to 1983, he then never looked back in life, due to being in the inauspicious horoscope, he got to face failure initially in the art field, but Ketu sitting in the Communication House, got him quite a lot of fame for his words, that even in the times today he gives complete by heart and energy. Mercury sitting in the Jupiter horoscope, and in the House of Work, Jupiter gave the condition to work to give with good noble behavior-nature and makes him a softhearted person also, and this soft-kind hearted behavior made him like an image-avatar of a God. As the time came for Rahu in Venus, the conditions for family happiness were created. In this time only, he was also blessed with children; but the combination of the moon and Mars in the birth chart of Rajnikanth Ji, and the inauspicious horoscope with Ketu deprived of the happiness of son. But Ketu sitting in the House of Wealth and Communication only, made him world famous for his art of speech. From 1983 to 1999, the time of Venus came in the birth chart of Rajnikanth Ji. Due to Venus and Mercury being in the House of Work, it gave him immense success in the field of film art. In the birth chart of Rajnikanth Ji, Venus sitting in its House of Venus, gave him the bright auspiciousness of being a softhearted person, along with it, Saturn and Ketu sitting in the 2nd House, gave him the saintly sacraments, divine grace, that makes him even more famous and have a responsible key role, and made the condition for him to serve the people, even from his own income. As the time of Saturn came in the birth chart of Rajnikanth Ji, that remained effective for him for a long duration of 17 years, from 1999 to 2018. Rahu sitting with Saturn gave him new heights, along with it, it got him the records in work in the film industry. Lord Saturn, Shani Dev’s bad view falling on the Sun gave the condition of problem-related to his hair. But Lord Saturn, Shani Dev, did not give him any kind of lack in memory or wealth. Only in this Dasha of Saturn, Rajnikanth Ji has made such history, that his name will remain famous always in the coming times. 2018 – 2035: The time for Mercury will make more conditions for him to go on the path of more success, prosperity. Venus running in Mercury till December 2018 made the condition of problem-related to the health for his wife. Mercury will make new planning in the field of work, that will also be quite successful, and along with it, conditions of progress in the field of art will be made. Take care of maternal aunt and daughter, a problematic time can come.

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