Rakhee Gulzar

Ms. Rakhee Gulzar was born in the MahaDasha of Mars in 1943, which lasted till 1948. Mars was present in Ascendant in her birth chart. It makes a lack of happiness of married life, along with it, her father got to face a lot of hardships.

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Celebrity Horoscope Rakhee Gulzar Kundli
  • Name:- Rakhee Gulzar
  • Date Of Birth:- 15-08-1943
  • Time Of Birth:- 23:30
  • Place Of Birth:- Calcutta
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Rakhee Gulzar Kundli

Rakhee Gulzar's HoroScope :-

Rahu (1948 – 1966): In the middle of this MahaDasha, her family got to face quite a lot of problems, along with it, with Surya Grahan, Sun eclipse, and the Jupiter-Guru Chandal Yog, affected her education and prosperity. Along with it, due to the presence of Mars with Rahu, her brother got involved in non-social works; remained in Naxalite work. Along with it, at this time, she got in a marital relationship. Because Rahu was in the interim, due to this her relation did not run long and got a divorce. Along with it, in this MahaDasha, there was a transition in her, that was quite good for her. Along with it, in the film industry, the association was in this duration, otherwise, there was no film media or industry background member in it. Jupiter (1966 – 1982): In this MahaDasha of Jupiter, she got quite good results-fruits. In this Dasha, she again remarried in 1973. Along with it, through this, she got a source of earning. But as in the duration of Rahu and Venus in Jupiter, along with many successful films, she had severed relations with family. In this duration, she became a star to take more films, this Dasha remained an auspicious condition factor. Saturn (1982 – 2001): Lord Saturn present in the 2nd House - which is the Lord of Wealth House. During this Dasha, she shined very well and established her identity abroad. During this Dasha, she performed very well in excellent movies. Along with it, due to Saturn in the Wealth House, due to which she faced health problems.

Mercury (2001 – 2018): In this MahaDasha of Mercury, it remained a conditional factor. Along with it in this Dasha, she was honored with several Awards and Padam Shri. Along with it, she was isolated from her family. Along with it, in this duration, she got to face mental suffering, family disharmony, and unnecessary pain. Due to the Mercury factor in her birth chart, and moon eclipse, and sun eclipse had health problems and family disputes running. Along with it, due to the union of Venus, she along with participation in social cause-welfare, she got a lot of praise.

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