Ratan Tata

He was born in 1937 in the Dasha of Jupiter which went on till 1948, and Jupiter was sitting inauspiciously in the 2nd House in his Kundli, due to which he must have had a problem of cough, breathing,  allergy problem at the time of birth. Sun, Mercury, and Venus were in the making in their union in the Lagna-ascendant, due to which his nature-behavior may have remained a little irritable. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Ratan Tata Kundli
  • Name:- Ratan Tata
  • Date Of Birth:- 28-12-1937
  • Time Of Birth:- 06:30
  • Place Of Birth:- Mumbai
  • Information Source:- From Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Ratan Tata Kundli

Ratan Tata's HoroScope :-

In the time-period 1937-1948, Jupiter was running in his Kundli, and Jupiter was sitting in his 2nd House, and sitting inauspiciously, due to which he must have faced health related problems in childhood, and his grandfather’s health also must have not been so good. Jupiter sitting in 2nd House provides for knowledge, but also gives problems, due to which coordination-harmony of his thoughts must not have matched between his father and him. Venus sitting in the 2nd House also makes this Jupiter create this Yog, condition, that till the time he does not get married, he will not be successful. Such type of person, even if starts work with his-her own money, in that also does not become successful. Jupiter sitting in the 2nd House, is also having a relation with Rahu and Ketu, Rahu and Jupiter are looking-facing each other, due to which he can have a cold related, common cold type of problem, and it is important for him that whenever he starts any work-task he must keep his nose clear.

Due to Saturn being in House 4, whenever there would have breaking repair work at his home, problems would have come related to mother’s health and financial problem. The condition of Ketu was also not good, due to which he may have faced the problem of getting leg injury or getting pain in legs in childhood, and it must have made an impact on his nature also, like stubbornness coming in nature, and making the habit of getting-forcing his way-wish on matters to be followed by others. With the union of Sun and Venus in his Kundli, he should have taken special care about his movements. With the making of Rahu, Sun and Mercury in Lagan-ascendant, this was considered reason for his good job, and at the start of Ratan Ji’s career started with job only; though Venus with the Sun and Mercury were sitting together, he may have had to face a few problems-challenges; and when the time of Venus came, after getting the job, then he must have definitely faced problems.

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