Sonia Gandhi

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was born in the Mahadasha of Rahu. It is possible that during this Mahadasha, her father may have suffered lack in happiness. Along with the moon sitting in the 11th House it must have made a bad impact on the mother’s health and wealth also.

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Celebrity Horoscope Sonia Gandhi Kundli
  • Name:- Sonia Gandhi
  • Date Of Birth:- 09-12-1946
  • Time Of Birth:-
  • Place Of Birth:- Turin, Italy
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Sonia Gandhi Kundli

Sonia Gandhi's HoroScope :-

In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, there was a love marriage between the 10th of October 1959 and the 10th of October 1975. In her Janam Kundli, Yog, condition, of Venus was there in which a person gets good sacraments-teachings from mother, but if the person is of his-her own will decision-maker or stubborn so in his-her life somewhere some lack is to be faced. In the Mahadasha of Jupiter, she got the birth of her son in 1970 and daughter in 1972. From the 11th of October 1975 to the 10th of October 1994, it was the time of Mahadasha of Saturn, in this time Saturn sitting in Lagan, in 1983 there was lack of father’s happiness, along with it lack of husband’s happiness. Many Swamis sitting in Lagan in the 12th House, there is loss to peace of mind, harm to money. In the Mahadasha of Mercury, from the 11th of October 1994 to the 10th of October 2011, she fought elections; in 1991 was selected as the 13th opposition leader of the Lok Sabha. With the combining of Jupiter, Venus in the Kundli, she got the chance-opportunity to enter politics.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s Mahadasha of Ketu continued from the 11th of October 2011 to the 10th of October 2018; in this duration, she had to get uterus related treatment done, and along with it got to see lack in fame-popularity. Power kept going out of her hands. The Dasha of Saturn, which ran from the 6th of September 2016 to the 15th of October 2017, due to which again and again spoiling of her health and lack in nature was to be made, and would have created disappointing conditions in politics, honor-respect and lack in money problem to be created. There is good Yog, condition, for coming in politics, but there is little Yog, condition, in child happiness.

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