Sundar Pichai

Mr. Sundar Pichai was born in the Mahadasha of Saturn, which started before his birth in 1955 and ran till 1974. Lord Shani, Saturn, was sitting in the 9th House with Venus in his Kundli, birth chart. The union of Saturn and Venus makes for a higher Ketu, and such a person is the master of great thoughts. 

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Celebrity Horoscope Sundar Pichai Kundli
  • Name:- Sundar Pichai
  • Date Of Birth:- 12-07-1972
  • Time Of Birth:- 00:00
  • Place Of Birth:- Madurai
  • Information Source:- Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Sundar Pichai Kundli

Sundar Pichai's HoroScope :-

Along with this, in his Kundli, the moon, Mars, Mercury, and Ketu were sitting in the 11th House, due to which he must have got to face problems, and problems especially related to his mother’s health, and excessive anger must also have been filled in him. Looking at the making of the Yogs, conditions, in his Kundli, Rahu in the 5th House and the Sun in the 10th House, are good factors for a good job, but does not show quite a good result for his studies and father’s health. In his childhood also, his mind must be wandering away from studies, and he must have remained with a tendency of anger, but along with it, he must have remained master of good thoughts, due to which, moving ahead in future, he got chance-opportunity to reach heights, higher achievements. The Sun, sitting in the 10th House in his Kundli, due to which, his father must have played a vital role in his life. The 10th House is said to be the place for Karma, and the Sun over there, Is believed for the factor of the father. We can also conclude that his father must have played an important role in his career. Due to the Yogs, conditions, in his Kundli, these were such that he would have needed to be careful not to keep a white cow in his house, and not get married before 25 years of age, because if he kept a white cow, it will not have been quite beneficial for happiness-peace at home, and if he got married before the 25 years ago, would have got to face many problems in life.

From his birth, 1972 to 1974, the Mahadasha of Saturn influenced his Kundli, and Lord Shani, Saturn, sitting in the 8th House with Venus, that is said to be very good; but due to Saturn’s relation with the 5th and 11th House, his and mother’s health might not have remained quite well, and it must have brought financial problems for his family also, due to which there was Yog, condition, of coming of problems in happiness-peace also. Due to the Yog, condition, that if he changed the residence at the time of his birth and made another house, then after his age of 17 years, the rest of the time would remain favorable in every way. In the time of 1974-1991, Mahadasha of Mercury went on in his Kundli, horoscope, and Mercury, Lord Budh, was sitting in the 11th House with the moon, Ketu and Mars. And there was a view of Rahu on him, due to which it must have brought both good and bad situations to him. Whenever the time of the moon in Mercury would have come, it must have brought some good situation-circumstance for him, for example, home-happiness, peace and financial. In this Dasha, in his age about 3-4 years, he must have had been an angry type of behavior, but his mind must have been very good, due to which in young age only he must have had the ability to understand matters-talks in less time. In this Dasha only, it was time for his studies, then looking at his Kundli, we can say that along with studying, he must be taking up fights also because the view of Rahu on Mars makes a person fighting type also. Along with this, he may have had difficulty in concentrating on studies in childhood. The view of Rahu on Mercury, makes him a sharp minded person, and such persons remain good in research in any field-sector and in whatever work that they do; and moving ahead in life, he studied Science and did MBA also. In the period 1991-1998, the Dasha of Ketu went on, the Lord Ketu was sitting in his 11h House with the moon, Mars and Mercury, and other than this, the view of Rahu on Ketu, due to which, it gives the power to think to a person; but due to spoiling of moon it makes a person have rashness and in a state of mental stress type of problems, the time also must have not remained quite well for the mother’s health also; conditions must have remained for the mother to have lacked in happiness. But the union of Saturn and Venus makes Ketu fine, then whenever in the Dasha of Ketu the time of Saturn and Venus must have come, then that time-period must have remained quite favorable for him, and in this period he achieved good levels in his studies. In 1998-2018, the Dasha of Venus was effective. Venus was sitting in his 9th House with Saturn. This time was quite favorable for him, as it was mentioned that the union of Venus and Saturn makes Ketu in a high position; this period was very good for his career. He would achieve new levels due to his thinking and thoughts, and in this Dasha, he achieved new feat-levels in 2015 in which he also became the CEO of Google. Now in this time, he needs to keep in mind, to take care that it will be beneficial for him not to change the place of the temple in his house again and again.

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