Vijay Mallya

Mr. Vijay Mallya was born on the 18th of December 1955 in the Hindu society in a prosperous family Mr. Vittal Mallya’s home. His father Mr. Vittal Mallya was the President of the UB Group. Mr. Vijay Mallya was born in the Chandra Mahadasha that continued to influence his life till 1962,

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Celebrity Horoscope Vijay Mallya Kundli
  • Name:- Vijay Mallya
  • Date Of Birth:- 18-12-1955
  • Time Of Birth:- 11:30
  • Place Of Birth:- Bantwal,Karnataka
  • Information Source:- From Internet
Celebrity Horoscope Vijay Mallya Kundli

Vijay Mallya's HoroScope :-

Now, a new round was going to come in Mr. Vijay Mallya’s life of which he did not have an idea about, and this Dasha was of Saturn that in years 2003 to 2022 would impact-influence him. This Dasha not only got him joined in with politics, but Saturn sitting in the 10th House does not permit a person to make house before the age of 52 years; along with it, Sun in the 11th House and due to spoiling of Mars, he had to face the situation of debt, and the years 2009 till 2013 due to difference of Venus in Saturn, he increased his hobbies so much that in 2012 that the Government problems started surrounding him, and from 2013 to 2014 in the difference of the Sun prepared conditions for him for harm in honor-respect, spoiling of health, going to jail, mental hospital and remote-deserted places; and the year 2014 till 2015 many mental worries surrounded him, and money problems also were created. At the end, after getting fed-up/worried he decided to leave his country and went to Britain. These Government problems do not end here, this problem will remain in his life till 2022 because Saturn is the one planet that lays down-determines reward-result of the deeds.

In that duration, Mr. Vijay Mallya remained in an agile/light-footed behavior and fun-frolic type person, but this Dasha, condition, worked to bring his mother’s ill health and father’s mental problem and the problem of wealth property. In the year 1969-1987, the Rahu Dasha, condition, brought a new twist in his life, where Rahu and Saturn’s union was in the 10th House, which made him complete his studies, and there this union worked to make change in the happiness to his father, because in Mr. Vijay Mallya’s birth chart, at his age around 28 there was this Yog-condition, of his father’s sudden untoward incident to happen; in which the status of Sun in Rahu works to end happiness to father. In this time period in life between the years 1983 to 1984, and during this time he took the place of his father and decided to manage the UB Group. Due to Mr. Vijay Mallya’s Saturn being good, when he started the Saturn favoring works like liquor, ironwork meaning airplane, at that time he continued to grow in his own life, and in just a few years, enhanced his company 10 times to his father, but not only this, the Sun, Mercury, Venus sitting in the 11th House, in the year 1986 put him in love relationship, and his marriage also happened. With the Jupiter Dasha sitting in the 7th House, it got him happiness of his son, but the Yog-condition of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter sitting in the 7th House condition, worked to spoil the happiness of the life partner, and this Dasha, condition, got him divorce also, because Sun sitting in the 11th House does not permit a human to consume non vegetarian, eggs, alcohol, and with this, it works to end the happiness’s of the life partner and the children; and then in the year 1993 in the Dasha of Jupiter only, his 2nd marriage took place.

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