During this year, Gemini people will not see much advancement in their career. If you hold a job, there could be some problems at the office. Hence, you are advised to think twice before making any decision. Transiting Jupiter in your seventh house will bring good results if you own a business and you will also get special gains from your married partner. You could inherit wealth during October or November.



You might have to take several work related travel which will prove extra beneficial for you and your career will advance but some travels could also lead to minor problems. The period from April to July will be full of travels. During this year, you will receive a lot of appreciation and your colleagues will listen to your opinions. You might receive increment in your salary. You will also have to figure out what problems are hindering your path to success.



Gemini natives will have a possibility of achieving success at the educational front. The beginning of the year will be exceptionally good and students will perform very well until the end of March. This year you should work on your weaknesses to grow and get better. In the months of January, February and March, you might get an opportunity to study abroad. You should be aware of your weaknesses and strengths work hard to achieve success.



For Gemini natives, planet Saturn will start transiting your eighth house from January. You are advised to make money investments very carefully as heavy losses are indicated. December month will beneficial to you in terms of monetary gains and works of commission could provide satisfactory results. There is also a possibility of inheriting ancestral property. Keep a tag on your expanses otherwise heavy expenditure is indicated. You will also benefit from foreign contacts.



These natives should be extra careful in health matters as there is a possibility of serious health issues arising. Knee pain, arthritis, gastric problems or indigestion could arise. Saturn transit in your eighth house also indicates there could be health concerns from your father’s side. You need to take medical consultation if required.

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