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This year, you will get success in whatever work you are involved in and all your enterprises will work perfectly fine all throughout the year. In January, Saturn will start transiting your sixth house of Capricorn and in this period there could be several ups and downs. Due to the conjunct effects of Saturn and Jupiter, there are chances of foreign travel from April to July and mid November onwards



If the Leos focus on their goals and work hard towards it, this period could be a boon for them. Planet Saturn will enter in their sixth house of its own sign Capricorn and will stay there for the next 2.5 years which indicates there is a possibility of getting promoted. You will also get support and appreciation from your bosses. You will not only amass huge wealth but will also gain a respectable position in your career. All in all, this year will give mostly positive results in their profession.



If you are a student, this year will be very beneficial to you. Although, there could be some hurdles in the beginning of the year but as time passes you will start performing really well and will be successful in your studies.



In 2020, on one hand you try to gain as much wealth as possible but the expenditures will also keep on increasing. From January until end of March and then especially from July to November, there are strong indications of getting huge amounts of wealth. This year, you will also witness spontaneous monetary gains which make your future financial aspects quite strong. However, you need to be careful if you are thinking of investing your money.



This year will be exceptionally good in terms of health related matters. You will maintain a healthy routine and good eating habits. In the first half of the year, your health will get even better and you will get rid of any diseases that had been troubling you from the past. However, you need to keep yourself both physically and mentally strong since there will be times where your health will be tested. Do not let depression or mental anxiety take over you. After November till December, some physical ailments may arise.

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