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This year could bring changes in work environment and professional might get transferred to their desirable place. During the months of May and June, there are chances of foreign travel and if you have been working in this direction, you will surely get your desired and hopes fulfilled. Rahu will transiting your tenth house of Gemini until mid September and then will travel transit your 9th house of Taurus. Planet Jupiter is in forth house of Sagittarius and from March until June and after June it will retrograde and will come back to forth house. This year in the middle of May and June, there is a possibility of foreign travel.



If you are into business, there will be a lot of success. Working professionals will get strong support from their superiors. People will appreciate your work ethic and you will try your hardest to perform at your work place. If you work at a big organization, your performance will get rewards and praises. With hard work you will fulfill all your business desires. In this year, you will succeed slowly yet steadily.



This year will prove to be a very fruitful for students and this will help them move ahead in life. Recent graduates have good prospects of getting a job offer but there will be some hurdles too and you will have to prepare yourself in advance in order to overcome them. In order to achieve your dreams and goals you need to manage your time schedules precisely and only then you will achieve success.



In 2020, there is every chance of financial prosperity since there will be a continuous inflow of money and due to this you will be content in life. There could also be purchase of vehicles. You need to be careful in terms of investing your money and because of this you will gain substantially and you need to spend money carefully. In the beginning of the year, you will get support to increase your income and by the end of year, you will make plans of investing your money.



This year you will do well in terms of health and you will enjoy all kinds of happiness. You will be energetic and will perform well in your profession. You will be enthusiastic for the whole year and due to this you will be able to perform all duties easily in your professional and personal life. However, you could suffer from nerve related or indigestion disorders but you will remain stable in your mental capacities. Your lifestyle will improve and various aspects of your lifestyle will get better.

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