There are not promising indications of travel, so Sagittarius natives should not get involved in any big schemes. Investments of any kind are not suggested. Planet Jupiter will stay in you first house of Sagittarius until March 30th. After that it will stay in second house in Capricorn, go retrograde on 14th of May and will come back to first house on 30th of June. This will give you relief in work related matters. Planet Rahu will be transiting your 7th house Gemini until mid September and after that it will start transiting in sixth house of Taurus. Until September, you are not advised to travel but after September, there will be fruitful journeys.



In career prospects, luck will be on your side and you will have the courage to fulfill your dreams. You are advised to continue working hard. Since people will follow you, it’s necessary you set a good example. You should not get involved in any sinful deeds otherwise you will have to face defamation at your work environment. Focus on your duties and responsibilities.



This year will be full of academic achievements for students. In whatever field you choose to go, try to work hard and success will be yours. There will be good career prospects and after mid September, enormous success is indicated in competitive exams. You will acquire recognition in studies.



This year predicts that your financial success will depend on the amount of the hard work you perform. In the middle of the year, there might be some unwanted expenditures that may affect you financially. You might also spend on some auspicious ceremony at your home. On one hand there will be good incoming gains but alongside, there will also be expenditures in equal measures. Instead of depending on others for support, you need to work hard so there your gains will increase. The time is not good for any unnecessary expenses.



This year will be painful both in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. You might feel anxious or fear during this fear. However, with time you will start focusing on positive thoughts and your confidence will increase. You will have to take time to rest and heal from work related exhaustion. You might have some issues with muscles or veins.

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