You will go on spiritual journey during this year. You should also take care of your health since you might be hospitalized due to some illness. Your expenses will increase and you will spend on charity and religious donations. You will have good gains in your finances but your expenditure will increase too. You are advised to be cautious while making any monetary transactions.



This year, you might have to face ups and downs in your career. Hence, you should think carefully before making any decision. There is also a strong possibility you might get relocated in your work environment. There could also be some problems at your work place due to which you might consider changing your job.



Since this isn’t a good time for students, you will have to put in extra hours in studies in order to perform better. Until mid September, planet Rahu is transiting in your 5th house of Gemini, which is creating hurdles in your education. After September, situations will improve and you will be able to finish your studies smoothly. You should refrain from taking any shortcuts in education and have trust in yourself. Only then you will achieve your study goals.



If you want to make any investment, then you should first consider talking to an expert in that particular are you are investing. You should also be cautious of any unexpected expenditures and not to spend carelessly. If you are working with foreign contacts in your business, you will get huge profits. If you are a professional working at a multinational company, then also good progress is seen.



You need to be very watchful of your health. You could suffer from insomnia, eye problems and issues related to stomach. You may also suffer from mental anxiety but there isn’t any major ailment in your health this year. Take care of your eating habits and use Vitamin-D from sunlight to gain better health.

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