In 2020, you will notice transformations related to your friendships and intimate relationships. You will finish every task with great enthusiasm which will increase chances of achieving success. You will receive support from family elders and other respected people. This year, all your unfulfilled desires will materialize due to which your confidence will increase. This self confidence will help you move forward in life. Do not let go of any passing opportunity during this year.



This year, you could also gain from renting property. If your money was stuck somewhere, you can recover it with some efforts. You will achieve new heights during 30th of March to 30th of June. Business owners can expect a lot of gains and this will improve your prestige in society. You should be careful of your opponents.



In this year, the period from January until 30th of March and from 30th of June until 20th of November will be very fruitful for competitive exams. On the other hand, the period from 30th of March until 30th of June will be beneficial for students pursuing law, civil engineering, sociology and occult subjects will be beneficial too. In the middle of the year, students will get admission in their preferred colleges and universities.



This year will prove to be highly beneficial for you in financial aspects. You are advised to be fully prepared and take advantage of this opportunistic time period. You will also be spending money on some auspicious ceremony. You are advised to spend wisely. If you have thinking of travelling for some work purposes, this is an extremely good time.



In this year, due to changes in weather you could suffer from cough, cold or fever. If you have been suffering from a long lasting disease, it will mitigate. If you not suffering from any disease, your health will get ever better.

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Gurudev GD Vashist is also the author of Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish. He is prominent in the India electronic media, like, leading TV channels like India News, Divya TV, Sadhna TV, Disha TV.
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