This year you will have to maintain good relations with your seniors at the professional front, since they will be observing your each and every action. Hence, even a minute mistake could lead you into a big trouble. You will only be able to achieve success by the dint of your hard work. Your opponents will try to create obstacles in your work environment. You are advised not to depend on anyone but your own efforts. After September, circumstances will improve greatly.



2020 will give you many chances to achieve great heights in your profession. If you are a professional and are have been thinking of job change, this is a perfect time and you will also get a chance to get promoted to a better environment. If you work in consultancy, automobile, publication, LPG, petroleum, work related to mining, there are strong chances of improvement in your professional life.



This year will start good in matters of education but after August, special attention is required because you might face several obstacles at the educational front. The month of November will be especially beneficial to you. If you are preparing for competitive exam then will have to put extra efforts. There could problems in terms of achieving higher studies but your hard work will surely bring great results.



This year will very special for Taurus natives and they will achieve name and fame at their professional front. However, you might be transferred to another place but it will be beneficial for you. There could be some tensions arising between the months of March and June and you might become tired of your work. However, if you continue to remain persistent then many positives outcomes are seen after the month of June. Since Saturn is a slow moving planet, so it will definitely make you work hard from March until September. But after that, you continue to prosper and that prosperity will stick with you for longer time.



This year you will have to keep control your thoughts as this period might not be good for you. Do take rest between longer hours of working otherwise your health might suffer. There are also chances of some serious disease being diagnosed, so special attention is recommended towards your health.

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