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Answer: The horoscope match-making is done to enable happiness-success in the married life of the boy and the girl. Through the match-making, a lot of key information comes to be known like about the families and the bride-bridegroom. If any deficiency or lack is found through the match-making, then the marriage can be avoided.

Answer: In the making of a horoscope Birth Chart, Janam Kundli, the time of birth, the date of birth and the place of birth are very important.

Answer: If we do not remember our birth date then solution for this also is there in our Astrology system.

Answer: In this report, in your life, all kinds of good and bad habits and about of your future-past events, all aspects information is provided in detail.

Answer: We mainly work with the Lal Kitab and Vashist Jyotish, and along with this bring in the use of some main theories-practices of K.P. Parashar and Vedic Astrology.

Answer: Yes, your personal information will be kept completely confidential.

Answer: AstroScience is a modern Astrology website, with which you can easily get all kinds of information related to Astrology studies, Vaastu Shastra, Lal Kitab, etc?

Answer: Yes, AstroScience services are absolutely reliable and true, and there is no fraud of any kind in it.

Asnwer: Yes, absolutely, AstroScience is available at your service for your every help.

Answer: We mainly work with the Lal Kitab and Vashist Jyotish, and along with this bring in the use of some main theories-practices of K.P. Parashar and Vedic Astrology.

Answer: Yes, in our Sansthan, both gemstone and Yantra advisory is provided, and both of these are also available at our Sansthan.

Answer: No, in all the countries the prices are different, because due to different delivery charges, their value keeps changing.

Asnwer: To take benefit of this service, you can get complete information on our website or can call at +91 -124-6674671 and can book your order.

Answer: Vaastu is a kind of ancient Indian Science that is used at homes, housing, temple, images-paintings that are made according to directions.

Answer: Before any construction, Vaastu is very important, because the way the land-soil is tested before sowing, the same way before construction, Vaastu testing is of utmost importance.

Answer: We should get our house Vaastu testing done, then only can we get to know if our house is fine or that if there is any defect in Vaastu of our house?

Answer: According to astrology, Vaastu is the knowledge of directions only. The directions in Vaastu are of great importance. If there is some construction of house in the wrong direction, then with this, some kind of harm will happen in family, it is believed like this according to Vaastu. There are eight important directions in Vaastu.

Answer: Yes, colors are very important in Vaastu, because Vaastu only tells us about in which room of the house which color should be used.

Answer: There is not much difference between Vaastu Sashtra and Feng Shui. It is just this that can say that Vaastu is used mostly in India, and Feng Shui is used in China, but the theories-practice of both is one, because these two work in accordance to the Sun and the magnetic waves.

Answer: Yes, absolutely, because if the Vaastu of your house is very good, or if at the time of constructing the house, the rules of the Vaastu are followed completely, then no one can stop you from become wealthy.

Answer: Yes, there is a deep relation of Vaastu with our health, because if the house's Vaastu is fine, then all the members of the house's health will be very good, and if the Vaastu is not right, then some member of the house-family will remain sick only.

Answer: Vaastu Shastra is a kind of Science, this according to our need, in any religion or caste-creed of people, can adopt it; but it is especially associated with the Hindu religion.

Answer: We only get benefit of Vaastu when the rules have been implemented in complete way at the time of building the house.

Answer: Yes, the basics of Vaastu Shastra also correspond to our geographical areas-regions.

Asnwer: According to Astrology and Vaastu, all planets have some relation with Vaastu.

Answer: Yes, absolutely, you can view your report in your local language; but for this, you will have to request in advance.

Answer: If for any reason your file is lost, then you can call at our Sansthan, and by giving your file number, can get another one made again.

Answer: You can meet us personally by calling at our Sansthan number +91-124-6674671, and can fix date and time of meeting, and can remove every problem linked to your life.

Answer: You can contact our Sansthan Acharya and can discuss about Astrology related or any personal problem.

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