For the success of every task in our life, a ritual of worship has been made in Hinduism. According to the scriptures, before starting any auspicious work, a puja is performed, in which God is prayed to complete that work. When we have to face a lot of trouble in doing some work in life, this problem can be overcome only by worshiping. Pooja is also of different types according to the worship method of Hinduism. Every puja varies according to the fulfillment of your desire.

कर्म और भाग्य जीवन रूपी गाड़ी के दो पहिये है , कर्म आप करो भाग्य हम बनाएँगेl

गुरुदेव जी.डी. वशिष्ठ

We have new dreams about the future in our lives and many desires are in our mind and we have also promised God to our hearts

Gd Vashist that O! God, if my work is complete, then I will do or worship you with all the law and if you also want to perform any worship, then all kinds of worship are available in our Sansthan, according to your problem or obstacle.


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