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Brihaspati Mantra Upchar - Guru Graha Remedies


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Jupiter planet is associated with Guru in astrology. Brihaspati mantra or Guru dosha Nivaran mantra is a most powerful Brihaspati mantra which provides remedies for jupiter mahadasha and remedies for guru Chandal yog.

People with unfavorable Jupiter in their birth chart do not achieve much in studies and even if they receive study with help of someone they are not able to make the best use of it. These people lack in character. These people face problems in visiting abroad and face health problems like Jaundice, Typhoid, Asthma & diseases related to lungs. These people also have memory issues and their Gold ornaments are lost frequently.

Problems caused by unfavorable Jupiter - Effects of guru dasha

  • Weak Brihaspati gives liver related issues.
  • Jupiter mahadasha time period gives mental anxiety may cause physical pain.
  • Weak Jupiter or ill-placed Jupiter gives pain and health related issues.
  • Breaks in education and problem of concentration, less knowledge.


You will also get the complete vidhi of doing this puja as remedies for guru mahadasha in the guru mantra upchaar samagri kit

Item Details

When you order Sarv Vyadnashak Brahaspati Mantr Upchaar Samagri you receive 1 box consisting of 4 powerfully energized Mantr Upchaar Potli, 1 CD containing powerful mantras of the planet Jupiter & Guidebook containing method of performing this procedure. 

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